Paper app or on-line application

<p>Which one is better? I supposed by now the admission officers are not used to the electronic applications</p>

<p>Any advise?</p>

<p>i prefer paper. it looks better. plus. u can choose your own good quality paper.
You don't know what it looks when they print out ur electronic forms.</p>

<p>For those of you who are using paper, how do you fit all of your academic honors in that tiny box? Are you attaching a sheet? More importantly, how do all the awards fit in that tiny box on the online app? I wish that the Princeton online app had a print preview feature.</p>

<p>I'm attaching a brag sheet with awards listed...goes into more detail</p>

<p>I agree, couldn't have paid me to send the other one! I'm usually laid back, but I'm micro-managing with this I've embedded pictures/paintings into all of the essays (fun)...</p>

<p>im using online. its faster than paper and quicker confirmation. they honestly dont care which you use, but i have heard that "online" is easier for them to process since it automatically goes into their data base rather than a person having to type it in. </p>

<p>but i am sending in the optional stuff by itself. separate from everything else</p>

<p>I really don't have much in the way of "optional" items since, unlike 99% of the posters, I have not published a book, orchestra, or research (yet). The online version just seems simpler to me and lets me avoid printing errors/handwriting translation issues. Plus there's an auto-confirmation and guarentee it will arrive. The adcom that came to my school encouraged us to apply in the way that was most convinient to us, so I doubt it matters at all.</p>

<p>me=>nothing optional. Not even the optional essay.

<p>online: so that you can pay the app fee by credit card...</p>

<p>...or money order, which is what I did. Wait, that's just like the regular app. Wow, I think I totally missed out on one of the perks of doing the app online. <em>sulks</em></p>

<p>Still, the online application was fun and easy. I've never been really good at paper organization, so I probably would have misplaced it and subsequently thrown myself from the roof of my car. Online definitely has its perks.</p>

<p>lol philntex</p>

<p>I did mine online. It was just easier to fill out (you can add spaces and stuff) and I didn't get the paper app until after I had finished it online, so meh. The only thing I hate is that I didn't figure out the html spacing in time, so I sent it all lumped together.</p>

<p>And online, you get a quicker confirmation. I think there's less chance of it getting lost.</p>

<p>aren't the chances of your application getting lost like really slim anyway? Someone's probably done a survey on it already, but i doubt they misplace that many applications for Early Decision each year. it amazes me how much people go through <em>just so the app doesn't get lost</em>....</p>

<p>no things get lost in the mail all the time. lotsa people are missing things. that is probably one of the advantages of online</p>