Paragraph breaks for online app?

<p>I'm applyin online ED and I can't seem to get paragraph breaks for my essays when I hit the "print/preview" option. Am I crazy? Help.</p>

<p>Use empty lines as breaks.</p>

<p>actually i meant can you indent? lol</p>

<p>No i don't think you can! I know it squishes your paragraphs together and makes it very aesthetically unappealing, but I haven't found any alternative =/</p>

<p>Actually, I was able to create indents by copying and pasting the essay from Word to the field. It was neat-o, but I ended up not liking the way it looked, so I just created line breaks/spaces. However, if you're going for the indent effect, just use Word. <em>thumbs up</em></p>

<p>I did copy from word, and it has it in the field, but when I print preview, it mushes together.</p>

<p>just use the space bar a few times to indent.</p>

<p>Doesn't work. I called the admissions office today and they said yeah you can't do that. So they suggest for online appers to write (PG) for paragraph or to send the essays by snail mail.</p>

<p>I didn't write PG for paragraph and I already sent it...oh well, they'll figure it out. Call it stream of consciousness...</p>

<p>'zactly. It's too late now, and I guess in the end it won't end up making that big of a difference. The general idea will still come across.</p>

<p>Crap. There has to be a way around this problem. I'll figure something out maybe.</p>

<p>oy stop trying to go against the system!</p>

<p>When the system is not optimized, you must try</p>

<p>when the system decides whether to accept you or not, you be nice and obedient.</p>

<p>Fine, they can read my huge blob of text then.</p>

<p>That was classic.</p>

<p>lol we try =)</p>

<p>I used the html tags </p><p> at the beginning of the paragraph and </p> at the end of the paragraph. It gives you a blank line between the paragraphs but it doesn't indent.<p></p>