Paranoid: Mailed the app 8 days ago

<p>Anybody here mail in the app? I have checked the "applicant services" and when I type in app. code says there is no app. code in the system??????</p>

<p>How long should I wait before I call---</p>

<p>Did anyone else mail vs do the app. online? And....anyone else having the same problem?</p>

<p>I don't think you have anything to worry about yet. I applied online a few weeks ago, and it still took a few days for the code to work on the website (I started getting worried about it because of that, too - you're not alone). I'm guessing that they're getting A LOT of mail now since the ED deadline has just passed and the RD deadline is approaching. I'd try to give then another week or two before you call them to give them a little more time to load the information onto their system.</p>

<p>Thanks reeses-I won't worry then. Good luck to you-hope we'll all be there next year!!!!!</p>

<p>You're welcome, primab. By the way, I really hope that we'll all end up there next year, too.</p>

<p>Yeah, don't worry about it. If last year is any indication, it takes them FOREVER to update things like application status and financial aid. They'll let you know if they are missing a piece of your application (like teacher rec or transcript). Good luck to all! I love NU!</p>