Parent here if you have questions


<p>I have a D who is a freshman MT at CCM. If anyone has any questions about CCM, feel free to post here or PM me. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll ask my daughter.</p>

<p>Good luck to all who are out there - I remember well how stressful this time of year is!</p>

<p>My D is auditioning here on Saturday and is particularly worried aobut the dance call. She has done quite a bit of dancing in school and civic productions (mostly dancing with people with MUCH more dance experience than she has) and because of her look, often gets mistaken for a dancer. She has limited actual class time in a dance class. She feels prepared with her monologues and songs, just not the dance call. Any insight would be MUCH appreciated!</p>

<p>I can’t tell you much about the dance audition - my d auditioned at la unifieds, not on campus. My D has had dance training, but her strengths going into college auditions were acting and singing. My recollection of the ccm dance audition at unifieds was that she was able to learn the routine and felt ok about it. Prior to ccm, my D’s strength in dance was in telling the story, so I would emphasize that - of course do your best technically but don’t forget to tell the story of the dance, and show your personality if you can. </p>

<p>Our experience of CCM is that the class is filled with kids of different strengths - some are very accomplished dancers with other weaknesses and some are ok or weak in dance but shine in other areas. Dance skills vary considerably among her class. Some are relative novices, other very skilled. </p>

<p>Bottom line - at any school, at this point since more significant training is going to happen, it’s no help to stress. Everyone is going into every audition w their skills such as they are at that time - so let that go - I believe what to focus on are</p>

<li>trust that whatever training you’ve had will shine through</li>
<li>tell the story - whether in your monologue, song or dance - that is the goal</li>
<li>show who you are - both in the interview and in all the performance parts of the audition</li>

<p>Tell your daughter that at this stage there is no point worrying - just do her best, and be and show herself. Last year this time we were a mess, and there were many schools she didn’t get into - and she got sick right before unifieds - we couldn’t predict or control much - all she could do right before an audition was try to get her head together on trying to focus on who she was and what she does best!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>How did you find out that CCM is one of the top programs? I keep searching and don’t find the ranking. Also, my Son was accepted, which dorms are best for CCM students</p>

<p>There are only two choices and I believe all the CCM students are in Siddall. You are required to live in the dorm for one year and nearly everyone finds an apartment after that. The dorms are high-rise buildings…and they are functional dorms with community bathrooms and showers. They have spent money in recent years on cosmetic improvements wiith new beds and such…but its a dorm with two beds per room.</p>

<p>As far as why CCM is considered a top school, I can Private Message you my research. That whole “who’s the best” discussion sets people off on CC.</p>

<p>This year the MT freshman are in siddall. It’s nothing great, but it is extremely convienent to all the CCM classes. There is no official ranking of schools, but CCM has an excellent reputation, as do many other schools. If you’d like to PM me if be happy to tell you what I know.</p>

Do you feel that the city is safe for your daughter? We keep hearing things from other parents. The program seems phenominal. Congrats! Also, what other schools did your D apply to and audition for?</p>

<p>how is ccm in terms of providing scholarships for mt?</p>

<p>My daughter was accepted at CCM for violin performance. Do the MT students and instument performance students pretty much live and hang out together or do they pretty much go their own separate ways? Do the programs work together closely (shows and such)? I guess they must all live at Siddall their freshman year. I second the safety questions asked above.</p>

<p>Sorry for late response - was traveling and then got the flu. The area safety was a big concern for me. The university itself feels very safe but the surrounding neighborhood is not so great. Of course I’d prefer this not to be the case but it is and in the end we couldn’t make the decision based on that. So far she’s had no problems - I think it’s accurate to say she has never been of campus alone and never at night without a big group, including boys. And late at night from of campus parties boys always walk her home. Safety in numbers seems to be the precaution.</p>

<p>Other schools she applied to were CMU, Ithaca, Syracuse, otterbein, point park, university of the arts, NYU, and Penn State. She had planned to apply to Harrt and northern Colorado as well but didn’t once a couple of acceptances were had.</p>

<p>Regarding talent scholarships - I’m not sure what is normal - my daughter got a very small one - I know some got nothing.</p>

<p>Regarding mt and instrumental students mixing, I think it’s more limited than some other ccm groups, but more so than mt and non ccm students. My impression is that in addition to MT my d knows a lot of the drama and vocal performance majors. I know she knows a few instrumental majors. There was an orchestra on stage in three penny opera which she just performed in, but honestly I don’t know if they were undergraduates or graduates. Congrats to your daughter!</p>

<p>Thanks. I think the CCM orchestras would be mixed grad and undergrad students, though the grad students probably have the lead postions. Nice to hear that the different groups do interact (MT/drama/vocal at least).</p>

<p>From living in the Cincinnati area UC is the same as any major city campus and students need to use common sense. Stay in groups late at night and stay out of areas that are known problems. UC’s police and the city police are working very hard to make this area as safe as possible.</p>

<p>Hello! and congrats to your d for even getting into ccm! It’s such an incredible school that many teens are only able to dream of getting into. Do you mind sending me a pm of what a typical day or week is like for her at CCM? Thank you!</p>

<p>Do you or your daughter have any experience or information about the CCM Summer Program for high school students? Would it be a good program for a sophomore boy from CA whose strength is singing and acting but with little dance experience?
Thank you for any info. you have!</p>

<p>I’m sorry - I don’t know a thing about there summer program!</p>

<p>I gave a more detailed “YES!” on another thread (search my user name)—but quickly here, it was a wonderful program for our student—Do it!!</p>

<p>Hello! I’m a junior in high school, and i have some questions in about the CCM audtion process.
First I’ll address people’s worries about the area around UC. Living in Cincinnati my whole life, this would definitely be an area of expertise for me. The area around UC isnt the safest place, but I wouldn’t worry about a college student living in these areas because not long after they settle in they’ll realize where the more dangerous parts of this area are. I wouldn’t walk off campus after dark, though in a car they should be fine. I’ve never encountered any issues near UC, and neither has my brother, who attends school at UC.</p>

<p>My questions about the auditioning process are
What kind of things do auditors look for when your auditioning for their program?</p>

<p>At CCM, do they only have you sing, dance, and perform a monologue, or is there an interview process as well?</p>

<p>Should you write them a thank you after the audition?
Ive been so anxious about the whole audition process, even though i shouldnt be too worried until my senior year.</p>

<p>Hope I helped. Thank You!</p>