Parent Letters with Applications?

One of my D’s college applications asks for a “parent letter”. Does anyone have an example of what such a letter would contain? Her high school guidance office has also asked for a letter from parents. How can I place her in the best light without it seeming like bragging? Such pressure!

<p>Emmysmom, one of my D's schools--Smith--asked for a parent letter as well. On the advice of one of CC's owners, I wound up including it as a supplemental rec in other applications, explaining that it was requested by another college and I thought they might find it of interest.</p>

<p>I let the letter distill in my mind for about two months before I wrote a line. Don't worry about bragging. But my take was to use the letter to showcase and illuminate aspects of my D that weren't revealed by other parts of her application, including grades, her essays, her recs [to the extent we knew something of their content]. Guiding questions for me as I mulled were things like "what traits, incidents, etc. present an aspect of my daughter that they would find interesting, an asset to the college community, etc., that hasn't been brought out elsewhere."</p>

<p>I hope that helps. Btw, she wound up going to Smith.</p>