Parent of a Quinnipiac nursing graduate

I’ve been MIA for awhile busy busy busy but checking in happy to report that my DD14 is now a happy Quinnipiac nursing graduate! I was a fan of QU before and still extremely pleased with her education, experience, opportunities, and maturity.

It was a great fit. After visiting for graduation, my DS now looking at QU for premed. Thanks for everything!

Update: Soon after posting the above, D14 got her dream job at a hospital, rotation first in pediatrics, NICU, and maternity. So thrilled. Recruiters were impressed with her certifications and involvement. And just passed her NCLEX - first time and in 75 questions (minimum number). So she’s good to go!

If anyone has any questions about QU, I am happy to try to answer anything I can. D14 was a tour guide 4 years and I can ask her questions if I don’t know the answer. She was not a huge partier but had some fun, involved in theater, sorority, church stuff, honors program, admissions, and a lot of miscellaneous. Definitely prepared for “the real world.”

I’m so glad your daughter had such an excellent experience at Quinnipiac, and has been so successful in her job search and in her certification exams – congratulations to you both!!! My D may be applying to the OT program at Quinnipiac and I am wondering how difficult the commute between campuses is, both logistically (do you need a car?) and socially-emotionally (it sounds like Mt Carmel is where underclassmen live and North Haven is where the health sciences campus is – does it feel like these students belong to two separate worlds or are part of one larger community?) Thank you!!

Congratulations! Also thanks for posting this. It is great to hear of students going to good universities, doing well, and coming out with a solid career.

@bubblewrap666 that’s great that your D may be applying for OT, and thanks! It’s a great program. My S19 is also looking at it for biochem/pre-med, and sis is definitely coming on the tour. :slight_smile:

It is about 10 minutes between each campus. D did not bring a car until junior year/not needed. Once D was a junior, she had to bring her car to go to clinicals either way, and your D will do rotations and need a car as well. So the drive is not a big deal with the students at that point and actually frees them up. She still frequented the Mount Carmel campus for her honors stuff, clubs, work, and her minor. As a freshman/sophomore, she was interacting with students from all grades because all the non-med/non-teaching majors have classes on the Mount Carmel campus, even if they live on the other campus. As a fresh/soph, she went to the other campus for the hockey games, etc. I think there is a shuttle that goes between the campuses but I’d have to check on that. So there was a lot of interaction throughout. The juniors/seniors liked the separation (from what I saw) because they were maturing, but it seemed that it was a part of a larger community. D would talk about younger students all the time, for example, in her a Capella group and other stuff.