Parent of Accepted Student

My DS20 was accepted in January and had already made his deposit for Fall 20. Does anyone know if UMD reaches out to the parents of the accepted student? I have seen several posts that it might go to the student and not to the parent. I have been checking my email each day and have not received anything whatsoever. Wondering if it is worth making a call to the Admissions office.


Office of Parents & Family Affairs will love to hear from you.

For billing, Bursar needs student to set up access

Most topics are communicated to student in their portal.

There are parent events at Orientation, too.

There is also a Facebook group -

University of Maryland Class of 2024 - Parents

I would guess that like most schools I am familar with, all communications from UMD to accepted students go to the student. A current parent may correct me though! Per another thread, parents are simply “authorized payors” :smile:

We know a lot of kids at UMD and based on their parents’ experience (especially at orientation), parents should start cutting the cord from their child. (This is a good thing!)

Congrats to your DS!

I love Authorized payers lolol