Parent Problems

My parents really do not want me to do ANYTHING I’ve shown interest in. I’ve gone from wanting to be a doctor, to an art teacher, and now to a career in political science- absolutely nothing has satisfied them. I know that my parents opinions really don’t matter, but I’m not going to be the first to say that it’s super hard to go through the college admissions process when your parents don’t fully support you in anything you want to do. Nothing I want do is “intelligent” enough, or doesn’t make enough- they think that I need to plan for a family even though I’m completely, 100% against the idea of having a family. I’m totally okay with making $70,000 a year. It’s not bad for a single person, or a couple with two incomes. Children are absolutely out of the question, so that cost is out the window.

On another note, my parents don’t want me to have a career in political science because my political views are completely opposite of their own. They think that my views are “wrong,” and therefore I cannot have a successful career. I don’t know how to cope with their unsupportive nature any longer.

They didn’t like the doctor phase, either, huh?

Yeah, if a doctor doesn’t make enough income for them, I’m not sure what does.

Actually, most doctors don’t make a lot of money,especially general practitioners.
but that’s not the point.
The point is that, nowadays, there’s no surefire way to ensure a high salary. Just ask the students who decided to major in petroleum engineering because it had the highest salary for engineers and graduated in 2015 to a global oil crisis. The main thing you can do is be the best in whatever you choose, pursue opportunities (research, study abroad, internships, volunteering, any leadership role), and attend ta college that’s both a great fit and that you can afford.

In addition, depending on the college you attend, what you major in may have little importance - a music major from Yale, an art history major from Williams, a poli sci major from Hamilton, have better prospects than a Business major from Central State University, a better shot at med school, a better shot at law school, and probably had fewer boring classes (sorry, mandatory accounting or business law.)

70K a year is a lot more than many people earn, so you’re right, it’s perfectly okay to make that much money. (Middle class in 2015 is 55-65K for a 2-person household, 70-100k would still be considered middle class for a family of 4).

Your parents’ opinions do matter, especially if they’re paying for college. Can you compromise and say you’ll apply Undecided? At least it’ll be honest since you’re not sure (and anyway 70-80% freshmen change their minds.) Don’t antagonize them.
Have you talked college costs with them yet? If not, pick some colleges they like plus some colleges you like and are acceptable to them and run the NPC, then show them the results.
(Also run the NPCs on colleges you like but suspect they wouldn’t approve of, and only show the results if they’re equal or better to the colleges they like.)

Look for a poster named blossom (out in the Parents Forum): s/he hires for one of those big companies where people make tons of money. See what majors s/he recommends.

Your parents sound like mine. My dad basically wants me to be anything he wanted to be. Which consists of being a lawyer. Though ni want to be a cop he thinks I wont be able to support myself.

Soccerchic24: how about you say you’re going to major in criminology (NOT criminal justice please). This major is perfect to work in the FBI, in local law enforcement, and to go to law school! You could add ROTC if you’re admitted (pretty competitive for scholarships). Or choose to take Leadership courses. This way you give yourself, and your dad, 3 more years to figure things out. At that point it should be less contentious whether you’ll go to law school, Quantico, the police academy, etc, etc.

That’s terrible. Ask them what exactly is a “good” income.

You need to sit down and have a talk with them. Tell them what makes you happy, and that you want a career you’ll enjoy. If you’re happy, there’s more room for growth (& raises). If they’re still strongly opposed, they may change their minds, or they may not. Attending college w/o ANY support won’t be easy. So, search for family & friends who will support you, no matter what.

I don’t think they sound like the type who “have talks”. They sound like the types that talk at you. OP, what have they suggested? Or are they just shooting down your suggestions with no replacement ideas?

They essentially just give me the same speech about how they don’t want me to have the money stress that they do.

That one was okay, apparently, but I’m not interested anymore.

Actually, most of my college is being paid for by merit scholarships. They don’t really know anything about what colleges are good or bad because neither of them went to college. Thank you for your detailed response.

What do you mean by

Are you in college right now?

Ah, sorry, I meant *will be. My mistake.