Parent question regarding pre-read

Hi. DD looking to play D3 women’s basketball. Visited and met with 3 coaches who have all indicated they would like her on their team. Reading about pre-reads now and we had never heard of that. There’s one school in particular that she wants to do ED and the others apply now (they don’t have early action) - but question is, should we have been given a pre-read or something in writing? We don’t know that we’re doing right thing. Thanks for advice!

I don’t know if all D3 schools do pre-reads for athletes. Has your D been asked how her grades and/or test scores are? If not, Im not sure how they would know if your D is a solid academic match for their school. Maybe they don’t care? Are they schools with a large acceptance rate? If they accept a lot of kids maybe the recruited athletes get accepted regardless?

I think all of the D3 schools my son looked into asked for pre-read info, and in return he got the green light and even some came back with letters and offers of admittance along with any academic scholarships he would qualify for. The Nescac school he is at did not do that, we just got a verbal OK from the coach and said admissions had given the green light.

All of the D1 schools asked for pre-reads, test scores, grades and ncaa info.

You might ask your D to reach out to the coaches and ask them if she should send in her trancript and test scores and see what they say. Can’t hurt. Shows eagerness on her part too.

The process is not the same at all D3s.

Generally, you are looking for the coach to say they are providing their full support thru the admissions process and the recruit has a ‘slot’. Coaches typically get a certain number of slots each year.

Often the coach wants an ED application in exchange for the support but we are seeing that soften somewhat this cycle. It’s a verbal commitment on both sides, with no assurances of admission.

For the academic pre-read, at many schools, coaches will ask the recruit for a six-semester transcript, test score (some D3 schools are requiring test scores from some potential recruits), list of senior year classes, and school profile. They look at this info, and assess the student’s chances.

If good, they send it on to admissions to do an academic pre-read, hoping to get a green light or thumbs up or whatever it’s called at that school. The coach typically needs this nod from admissions before verbally offering a slot/full support to the recruit. This is not an offer of admission, or a sure thing commitment.

If applying ED you also have to know the school is likely to be affordable. Run their net price calculator for a cost estimate. For recruits who pass the academic pre-read, some schools will do a financial aid pre-read.

It is ok for parents to join in on a phone call toward the end of the process to ask questions, what level of support is being offered, chances of admission, etc.

Good luck.

So interesting - thank you for the replies. Yes, DD sent her transcript to all the coaches prior to having been invited for a visit. I’m guessing they already then considered her a match. During the conversations the coaches indicated to her they would be really happy if she were to pick their school. Do you think that’s good enough to apply ED to her first choice?


Of course they would be happy to have a kid apply.

What you need to ask is 1. Does the school do prereads? 2. If yes, did your daughter pass the preread? 3. Does she have a spot on the team? and 4. Does she have the coach’s full support with admissions?

If the answer to all those questions is yes, then you should also ask 5. What percentage of recruits the coach has supported have been admitted? 99% - you are good to go! 50%? Only you can decide if it’s worth the risk.

Coaches are masters at seeming enthusiastic. It is in their interest to get a player without having to use up one of their spots with admissions, particularly with players on the bubble.

Such good insight. D is sending the coaches her questions today. Thank you!

I just wanted to follow-up here. D21 committed today (D3 women’s basketball). After paying her deposit, she called the coaches from the other schools to let them know. They all appreciated the call. She’s so excited and I’m very proud of how she handled herself throughout the process. Thanks for the help in navigating the process.