Parent rec?

<p>Is anyone having their parents write a recommendation for them? It is an optional rec on the Duke supplement, but I didn't know how many people actually do this one.</p>

<p>I had a teacher right now.</p>

<p>I think a parent one would be a tad inappropriate...</p>

<p>Just my $0.02.</p>

<p>I talked to the admissions officer and she said it was unnecessary. However, she did say that if it were worthwhile you should include it. So, if it's good put it in - if otherwise, don't.</p>

<p>for that optional one, you may consider doing something more creative than a parent because, well, they know it will be incredibly biased and, unless your parents have had multiple generations of children, they have nothing much to objectively base you on... if that makes any sense. Plus, it would be harder for your parents to find anything specific to say about you... a relative that has not has as much contact with you would have more specific memories of you that may be meaningful that you may not even remember. Just some thoughts...</p>

<p>i had my soccer coach do mine, i think he would say nicer things than my dad would anyways lol</p>

<p>I had my sister write me one.</p>

<p>She's 24, has her Masters in EE, and doesn't live at home.
She's great with anecdotes as well.</p>

<p>I had my parents do one, and they kind of wrote it on a theme, which was definitely good. I mean, I don't think this kind of rec would count for much anyway. I don't see anything wrong with a parent rec unless it gloats.</p>