Parent/student input on TAC offered

<p>I'm the mom of two sons who are attending Thomas Aquinas College. One is a senior who graduates in May 2005; the other is a sophomore at the school. TAC is a tad unique--if any of you have questions about real-life perspectives and experiences with this Great Books school, drop me a line or write here and I'll try to help. Note: This is a Catholic college, but we are not Catholic--you can definitely still enjoy, benefit and grow from the experience at TAC without being Roman Catholic.</p>

<p>proudtobemom --</p>

<p>My daughter is a high school senior, and she might be interested in TAC. Two questions: First, she is thinking about medical school, and she is concerned that a great books curriculum would not prepare her for that,without taking another two years of postgraduate work. Second, she enjoys painting, and we can't find anything on the TAC website about the visual arts.</p>

<p>A third question, I guess: since your family are not Roman Catholic, why did your sons choose TAC over, say, St. John's? Please feel free to email me directly if you would prefer.</p>


<p>Thank you for offering your advice. Though I'm interested in TAC, I have a few qualms. First, in your experience, would TAC's catholic atmosphere put pressure on an evangelical's approach to Christianity. Also, are there many opportunities in music at TAC? I would like to continue my musical interests into college.</p>

<p>What majors can TAC offer?
I love small-size college but I still want to study engineering,or at least math.

I think there is only one, and it is Great Books.