Parent Undergrad (PLUS)

<p>After I accepted the awards on my portal, it says on the "guides" for financial aid that parent have to apply for a federal direct parent loan for undergrads. I am confused, because i already accepted the award, I don't get it!! I went on the student loan page and did the promissory form for subsid. unsubsid and they did it for theirs.. but it doesn't allow ucsc to apply for the app? does anyone have any idea what i'm talking about?</p>

<p>Your parents have to apply for the PLUS loan and qualify. If they do not qualify, that will make you eligible for another $4,000 in unsubsidized stafford loan. Generally it is very easy for parents to qualify, though.</p>

<p>It's just like applying for any other loan. The only reason you do not have the same application process for stafford is because they are limited how much you can borrow and guaranteed that you will be given them if you fill out a FAFSA. PLUS loans are not guaranteed to receive for parents.</p>

<p>But where to they apply? I thought it was at student or org whatever it is but when I logged them in with their fafsa pin and tried to put in out info it said Santa cruz didn't support it or something</p>

<p>The information for the steps to follow should be in your portal. However, I have no first hand knowledge of this as I do not personally have PLUS loans as a part of my package.</p>

<p>Direct</a> Loans—Parent PLUS Information</p>

<p>Student</a> Aid on the Web</p>

How do my parents get a loan?</p>

<p>For a Direct PLUS Loan, your parents must complete a Direct PLUS Loan application and promissory note, contained in a single form that you get from your schools financial aid office.


<p>Your best bet would be to call the financial aid office if you have not received any information from them or forms.</p>