Parent willing to try to answer questions!

Hi there

My S has just finished his first semester at CCM MT. If anyone has any questions about our experiences, I’m happy to try to answer them!

Hi! I’m a girl auditioning for CCM soon. Can you talk about the environment of the program, day to day classes and how busy he is, and maybe any general audition tips?

Parent of applicant heading to CCM to audition. Is staying at the Marriott on-campus a good idea? Is it foolish not to rent a car? What are the interesting things to do on the night after the audition since we can’t fly home til morning?

Hi at-the-ballet (that’s an awesome song by the way). Just a few thoughts:

The program is rigorous. It’s very performance focused - the students have no time for a minor, and the academics are fairly lightweight. The teaching staff are very, very good at what they do, and they have very high standards. As much as possible, the students are treated like professional performers, so it can be tough. That said, the atmosphere is supportive - the students have to work together, and they soon learn that they need to help each other rather than compete. It’s not a cut program, but you have to take performance boards every semester, and there are real consequences if you don’t pass them (and a lot of very critical feedback even if you do pass). It’s the perfect course if you are totally focused on being a professional in musical theater, are ready for the heartbreaks as well as the joys, and have absolutely no plan B. If that’s not you, well…

It’s hard work. I was a little shocked when I realized my S’s ‘11 o’clock rehearsals’ started at 11pm, not 11am. A typical day in the first semester started with music theory at 8am, voice, dance and acting classes during the day, then (if you’re in a show) rehearsals in the evening, plus preparing songs and monologues for classes, plus academic study. Weekends there are no classes (but you still have to have to do rehearsals, study and prep). You have to choose a lot of your own material, so a good knowledge of repertoire is a big help.

Three audition tips (based on what we saw):

  1. (Obvious but worth repeating) Read the instructions/requirements for auditions carefully, and follow them to the letter. Being incorrectly dressed for a dance call, or showing up with a 16-bar cut for a 32-bar audition is not a good idea!

  2. Don’t try to second-guess the auditioners. They are very good at what they do, and they know exactly what they are looking for. Pick songs/monologues that meet the requirements, and that suit you. Perform them really well. At the dance call, concentrate hard and give your very best. If you’re right for the course, the auditioners will see it.

  3. My S’s summary of what he has learned about auditions: “In the end, the audition is as much about showing that you are willing to give 100% as it is about giving a polished performance. Strive for both, but in the room, the focus is on being completely present and bringing everything you’ve got.”

@MattockDad‌ Wow, thank you so much for your help. That answered so much and I’m excited to carry this information with me as I audition for CCM along with other schools. Please let your son know that his piece of audition advice was really helpful!

@vocal1046‌ -

I have never stayed in the Marriott, but it’s a great idea to eliminate traffic stress by walking to the audition. It’s about a 20 minute walk to CCM from the hotel, since they are at opposite corners of the campus.

Cincinnati is fairly spread-out and the University is in a so-so part of town, so I suspect you may want transport. My rule of thumb is a couple cab rides cost as much as a day’s rental, so it may be easiest to rent a car.

If you can, try to see a show or concert at CCM in the evening while you’re there - it will give you a very good impression of what they are all about.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll think about adding a car rental, though the hotel provides a shuttle that goes around the campus. If it’s warm enough to walk, that’ll be great. We live in NYC and walk all over so a so-so neighborhood shouldn’t be an issue. My kid won’t have a car if he goes there so it will be good to see if he’s uncomfortable on the streets. Unfortunately this audition falls on a date when there appears to be nothing theatrical happening in the evening but we have enjoyed shows at other schools and know how important that is. Thanks!

@vocal1046‌ - If you’re from NYC the neighborhood won’t be an issue. But it’s not a very interesting place to hang out.

We stayed at the Marriott when we toured a couple of summers ago and walked to campus – it is a schlep to the CCM buildings and we got confused on finding the entrance to the building. They may have a shuttle at the hotel. The hotel was lovely and the dining room breakfast was good. I think we had vouchers? Otherwise it is a pricey breakfast.

@vocal1046‌ my D and I will be there this weekend. We are staying at the Kingsgate and I think we will be utilizing the free shuttle because it is going to be so cold! I also decided to rent a car, if only to get to and from the airport. Those shuttles and uber would end up being more expensive than the rental & parking. I’ll report back to let you know how it works out!

Are you all flying into CVG or Dayton? I am worried (a little) about winter driving. I grew up in the Midwest, but have not driven on ice - in about 30 years! Is the drive likely to be a problem?

CVG. I’m completely unfamiliar with the area so I don’t need the added stress of driving. A cab from the airport to the hotel is said to cost $30.

Late to the party…fun area on other side of campus. Ludlow Street. Great stores and eateries…Sitwell’s, followed by Graeters ice cream! If you are there on Sunday get to Findlay market (cab ride). Sunday brunch or anytime = Taste of Belgium on short vine. Best sushi = Drunken Bento. Marvelous school. Daughter is a freshman BFA Dramatic Performance student. Loves it!

What’s a hotel close to the “fun area” and the audition site?

We’ve always stayed at the Kingsgate Marriott. They have a shuttle over to CCM. Ludlow and Findlay Market are a quick cab ride. Most convenient are Bus #17 and #19 right down Clifton (right by CCM, just ask a student) to Ludlow. And Bus #17 goes to Findlay Market. All the other places are walkable from CCM. We do rent a car as we like to sightsee. The students at CCM are incredibly helpful and friendly. Some of them are just returning to school from break…daughter gets back there tomorrow night. Have a great time!

@tramsmom we flew into CVG and had no problem with the drive…I’m from NC so you should be fine! Just a warning to anyone staying at the Kingsgate…if you want to utilize their shuttle make sure you make a reservation when you call to make your hotel room reservation. There were no spots left on either morning shuttle when we checked in, so thank goodness we had a car. It is only a 5 min drive to CCM. We went back and forth 3 times during audition day because we had a good chunk of time in the afternoon. It was really convenient to have the car.

The weather is supposed to be warmer this weekend. Driving shouldn’t be a problem. Be aware of your surroundings and stay on the campus if you are walking. There are many theater companies in the area, if you rent a car. Cinderella is touring at the Arnoff, but ticket availability may be limited. Waiting for Godot is downtown with the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company, West Side Story at the Carnegie in Covington, KY. The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 in Newport, KY and Ring of Fire- The Music of Johnny Cash in Eden Park at the Playhouse.

Has anyone checked their “check my status” tonight?..

Where is “check my status”?

@vocal1046‌ I have been using the link that was in the admissions email we received when my D first submitted her common app. When I click on it it takes me to There is a long username they provided and then the pw is Uc!(type numerical birthdate) just make sure it is a capital U and a lowercase c.