Parental Income Cap for Student to get Subsidized Fed Loans?

<p>What is the general parental income cap for their children to qualify for Subsidized Federal Student loans? (Vs. being forced to go Unsubsidized Federal Student loans.)</p>

<p>Thank you for your help!</p>


<p>It's not an income "gap". It's whether the student has unmet financial need at the school. In most cases, if you have need based financial need, your loan will be subsidized for any amount under the need level. For any amount over the need level, your loan would be unsubsidized. Everyone filling out a FAFSA can take out an unsubsidized loan whether they need it for college expenses or not.</p>

<p>Thumper is correct. The Cost of Attendance - EFC - scholarships - grants = amount of need left to be filled with loans and/or work study. Different schools have different methods of packaging, but students should be able to take the max subsidized Stafford before taking the work study if they want.</p>

<p>Subsidized is awarded up to the amount of unmet need or the maximum allowable subsidized loan for year in school, whichever is lower. </p>

<p>Unsubsidized can be awarded to cover any remaining unmet need & to replace EFC, up to the amount of allowable subsidized + unsubsidized loan for year in school.</p>