Parenting Conflicts

<p>What do you do when you disagree strongly with your spouse's parenting style? When your spouse wants to be way more indulgent that you are with your kids? I have tried to talk to him about it but he brushes me off. Example - DS had to take a year off from school due to mental health issues. The school suggested he find a job. Did DH push him to find a job? No. He allowed DS to get away with a few applications in the immediate geographic area and didn't agree with my suggestion that DS broaden his search. Example - high school junior DD has been going to residential summer enrichment programs since she was in 8th grade, courtesy of DH. For the coming summer, I want her to get a job or do something that doesn't cost anything, because our house needs work and we need the money for college, anyway. But DD wants another residential summer enrichment program, so she turns to her soft-touch dad, who readily agrees with her. Do my wishes count? No. These are examples of the parenting dynamic in our house. We are still married, and moving out certainly doesn't solve anything.
What can I do?</p>

<p>Get into therapy. This is clearly bothering you a lot and what you've tried is not working. Your spouse may agree to go with you or he may not but you need the support to work this out in a way that will provide you with more peace of mind.</p>