Parents at orientation

<p>I was surprised to see that on the orientation program. So my question is, do most kids’ parents go?</p>

<p>@collegevetting: My husband and I attended last summer with my older son. I would say at least 60% of the students had at least parent there for the orientation program. We, (husband and myself) did not opt to stay in the dorms but instead at the Hyatt Place on campus. Much nicer and they have free bike rentals which we used around campus. Like I said in a different post, my son found 1 of his roommates during orientation and having him spend 2 nights in the dorms helped him get an idea of what to expect.
They pack a lot of information into the 2 day orientation for the parents. I found the presentation on the history of how UC Davis originally started especially interesting. We only had lunch with our son each day since the students are on separate schedule with many activities at night. We were able to explore more of the town and made some contacts with other parents. They also had a Wine Tasting presented by the Aggie Parent association which we really enjoyed. I highly recommend it. My son flies home on breaks so it was also an opportunity for him to feel comfortable with the routine of flying out of Sacramento.</p>

<p>My younger son will be attending SDSU this fall and we both plan to go to his orientation also.</p>

<p>Thanks. I had already decided that if I go I’ll stay at a hotel. It is important for my son to stay in the dorms to meet people - in fact that plus registration seem to me to be the reasons for him to go. However, unless the experience is guaranteed to turn me into a 17 year old college student again, I think I can leave the dorm rooms and shower shoes to the next generation. :p</p>

<p>I have not decided whether or not I am going. My son is doing one night in August. Regardless, my son will be flying up early on the 1st day and staying one night. </p>

<p>@liveonboca yeah, my son will likely be there for one night as well. Jury’s still out on whether I’m going… </p>