Parents don’t file FAFSA

We have a high school senior friend living with us who we are helping navigate college costs. He’s been with us since he turned 18. His parents have so far refused to file the FAFSA. A state scholarship he already qualified for is only available to him if they file a FAFSA for his freshman year.

Is there anything that mandates parents do this? The state scholarship office told me it was a federal law for parents to provide the info until the student was 24, but the university isn’t offering any info that agrees with that?
Is there anything out there forcing a parent to file a fafsa?

There is no law that requires parents to file a Fafsa. However if a student wants need based aid…that form is a required submission to be considered for need based aid.

Have you tried explaining to the parents that filling out FAFSA does not require them to contribute money for college? Could there be an issue where the parents aren’t current on their taxes, or something like that?

Thank you.
His parents’ fafsa would not qualify him for any need based aid. But the state merit type scholarship isn’t need based. But they do require a fafsa.

Filing a fafsa in no way obligates parents to pay toward college does it?

No. But most students can’t afford to pay for college by themselves.

This is what we’re headed towards. Just trying to be as informed as possible. It’s over $25,000 for the four years, and only the freshman year fafsa is required.

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