Parent's Education Background

<p>So, college applications always have a question about the educational background of your parents, like what sort of degree they got in college, (if they went to one).
The thing is, both of my parents did go to college, but we're first generation immigrants, so my dad got his degree from a Russian University, and my mom got hers from a Belarussian one.
And their systems differ from the ones used here in America, so it's not exactly that they got a Bachelor's or a Master's, even if they might have gone to University for 6 or so years.
So, my question is, what would I put down on the application?
Just the equivalent of how long they went to school for?</p>

<p>The fact is your parents are university educated and they are degree holders. The point of the question is to guage whether or not you had the advantage of college-educated parents or not (regardless of where they rec'd their degrees or your family's immigration journey). You did. Be thankful. List your parents' degrees. Move to the next section.</p>

<p>That's not too helpful. The OP wasn't asking WHETHER to list the degrees ... s/he was asking HOW to list degrees that don't correspond to the American system of degree-giving.</p>

<p>OP, if the form on the application lets you enter anything, I'd enter the name of the degree they were granted; I'm sure it won't be the first time an adcom has seen a foreign institution's degree. Otherwise, I'd pick whatever is closest in the American system and include an explanation in the application's extra comments section.</p>

<p>D'oh! Thnx for the pick up annasdad. My coffee didn't kick in yet.<br>
OP, ignore my post, listen to post #3!</p>

<p>what are the degrees called in Russia? use the same names.</p>