Parents forcing me to get a tutor?

<p>I didn't do that well in chemistry for my first term (although the grade does not appear on my transcript) and so my parents are convinced I need a tutor because this is junior year, and it's really important and such...
I have been seeing my teacher and have been doing better, and he said that if I keep coming to see him and do practice problems then I should do fine. Yet my parents still are forcing me to go to a tutor, and signed me up for it without me even knowing.
The main reason I did badly in the first place was that that I had a chemistry class an earlier year, and the teacher was terrible. I got an A in the class, but it was because he gave us the answers and didn't teach us anything. We didn't learn the basics of chem such as electrons, how to use the periodic table, etc...
So now in this chem class, which assumes that we know the basics, I am already behind, and the teacher is pretty vague in his teaching and the textbook pretty much sucks.
It just really bothers me that my parents are making me get a tutor; I feel I can improve with going to the teacher's tutoring sessions, and don't need a tutor outside of school.
What should I do?
ps. they already signed me up for tutoring</p>


<p>If you're not prepared, getting extra help can never be a bad thing.</p>

<p>If your parents are willing to pay extra money to help you succeed in school, suck it up, go to the tutor, and do great in the class. Then, thank your parents for caring about your education.</p>

<p>my parents did the samething but for math. trust me, it might actually help.</p>

<p>A tutor is the perfect solution to the problem caused by your initial bad teacher. Be glad that your parents are willing to pay for it and take advantage of the help the tutor can give. (Although I too would not be happy to have been signed up for tutoring without my knowledge or consent).</p>

<p>Although I wouldn't have liked being signed up without my knowledge, I'm jealous that your parents would pay for such a thing.</p>

<p>I had a tutor for english, maths and french all last year... best thing my parents could have done for me, jumped from mid 70s in english to a 100... and gave me so much more confidence in French.
While it sucks that they signed you up with out your knowledge... just give it a try</p>