Parents! Help! Too MANY essays!

<p>I'm sure we've all heard of students struggling to squeeze out a personal statement. I've got a different problem. I've written too many. I can only (hah! please don't laugh) send 1 of 150 words, 2 of 250 each, and 1 of 500. Unless I do the optional information. This is for Princeton ED by the way. Just a few days left. </p>

<p>If any parents would be kind enough to help me pick and choose my best, please respond, and I'll email them off. Thanks.</p>

<p>Oh and the one that's supposed to be 150.... how long would you say it can AT THE LONGEST be? It seems like I could turn into into a third short answer for only 100 words more... but I don't want to anger the adcoms.</p>

<p>I have read your essays before but if you want, you can send it to me.</p>