Parents In School

<p>Does having parents in college decrease one's EFC or does that only apply for siblings/dependents?</p>

<p>On FAFSA you cannot include parents as one of the number in college. However you can ask the school for a special circumstances adjustment and they will look at individual circumstances and decide whether to change the number in college to include a parent. Theirs is the final say.</p>

<p>The parent must be at least half time and doing a course that leads to a qualification. I believe that in the past parents would sign up for 'fluff' classes so they could be counted as in college - so the abuse by a few lead to a change in the rules.</p>

<p>from FinAid</a> | Professional Judgment | Special Circumstances</p>

The specific examples listed in the Higher Education Act include:</p>

<pre><code>* tuition expenses at an elementary or secondary school
* medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance
* unusually high child care costs
* recent unemployment of a family member
*** the number of parents enrolled at least half-time in a degree, certificate, or other program leading to a recognized educational credential at a Title IV institution of higher education**