Parents of the HS Class of 2009 (Part 2)

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Update. We are loving living in the new house. Wild ducks that we feed every day. Wildlife of all stripes. So relaxing. This morning, two of ShawWife’s closest friends came over with birthday cake and we sat outside along the river with them. Hens and guinea hens came over from the farm next door. I just went out and we had 6 Muscovies, 1 American Pekin, two mallards and one unidentified duck hanging out right outside the house.

Studio is looking great. Exterior finished. Interior work is supposed to be done by end of January.

ShawD hinted to us about engagement but no announcement yet.

ShawSon very systematically did online date. Four one hour Zoom dates per weekend day and some at night. Eliminated poeple who weren’t interesting. Narrowed it down to three and one seemed especially interesting. Went from 0 to 100 in short order. Elite school grad like him including elite MBA, good career in tech industry, loves board games and is nerdy, is very pretty and surprisingly given who he has dated before is Caucasian and not Asian (the vast majority of women in the tech world seem to be Asian and he has always gone out with extremely petite, non-Caucasian women). They sem very affectionate and he seems very happy. Early days, but seems delightful on Zoom calls.

I think for these large threads that have been active for some time, they needed to create new ones when the updated the website?

We have been enjoying both kids here (and DIL) for extended (over 1 month) visits. DIL graduated with her MBA last night (Zoom celebration) and they are heading to be with her family next week. She has a few interviews set up.

D is here from London for what will end up being about 5 weeks total. She’s been working some of the time; has a lot of leave to use up by the end of the year. She got a Covid test after she arrived as a precaution (negative) and will have another when she returns to the UK.

We are settling in from our recent move. So far we are enjoying our new home very much; although Covid means our exploring has been restricted.

Happy Holidays to all, and Happy New Year!

@college_query, you moved from NY but I can’t remember to where. Great that your kids are/will be back and congrats on the graduation.

Our kids were going to come home for Thanksgiving but they and collectively decided that flying for Thanksgiving didn’t make a lot of sense. Instead, they are getting tested today and on Christmas Eve (ShawD will do that test) and then they are going to rent a car (along with ShawSon’s GF, ShawD’s BF and ShawD’s new dog) and drive out Christmas AM to Boston. They will pack food for 4 days and then stay at AirBnbs and stay away from people. Will stay in our house with masks in the kids’ wing of this massive house until test results come through. If ShawWife isn’t allergic to ShawD’s dog, they will stay here. Otherwise, ShawD alng with BF and dog will stay in a condo we bought when she was going to school. We’ve signed a purchase and sale on the condo, but the closing date for the sale is 1/21.

ShawSon and GF will stay with us for 2.5-3 weeks (we have gigabit internet service). ShawD will fly home earlier to go do primary care. Her BF will stay on and stay with his mother. They will all fly home.

It seems low-ish risk but there is a non-zero probability that this carefully planned trip will also be cancelled.

@shawbridge - we move frequently due to H’s job. NYC was a couple of moves ago; this past move was from NC to IN. The average length of his engagements is 18 months.

Now D is watching to see if she’ll have to return to the UK earlier than her January return date. They are restricting people leaving the UK, but we’ll see if they start canceling flights from the US to the UK.