Parents of the HS Class of 2020 (Part 1)

This thread is destined for parents of potential 2020 high school grads.

Hi! I have an eighth grader and while I also have two other boys (one older, class of 2016 and one younger), I have been starting to think about HS starting next year. I requested that we Parents of HS 2020 get our chatting forum, and here we are! Welcome to anyone else who would like to participate :slight_smile:

Thanks @fretfulmother!! I’ve been waiting for this thread! I have DD’20, another DD’18, and a DS’22. My two girls are so different and I’m excited to join this forum and start another journey with everyone!

@jjkmom great!! I have a DS16, 20, and 25, all boys.

Both of our DC’20 are the middle child. They supposed to be the most independent and hardest to influence (according to the study). Let’s see if CC can help us guide them well! Hope your DS’16 have finished his college applications before the holidays.

@jjkmom - Thank you! Yes, my DS20 is definitely the most socially independent! He has been almost since birth. DS16 will almost certainly not finish his apps before Break…on the plus side, there’s an excellent chance he’ll finish them before Passover holidays which being Jewish, we’re allowed to use as the benchmark hee hee :slight_smile:

Did you take your DD20 to see any colleges with DD18?

Yes, I have taken them to see many elite universities during the 8th going to 9th grade summer. Visited east coast schools like Harvard, Yale, MIT, Princeton, and also visited many wast coast universities during spring break such as UCB, Stanford, UCD, UCSD, and UCLA of course. I had strategy planned, if I expose them with best schools and planted the seeds in their heads that as long as they want, if they do well the next 4 year in HS, they can shoot high and landed on their dream school! My strategy actually only worked half way, my DD’18 started to set her goal on the dream school UCLA, but then she got couple high B+ in 9th grade, and now with couple more in 10th grade. She is taking mostly AP and Honor classes but she just doesn’t give her full potential. I felt she may not have the chance for the elite schools because she doesn’t really want it! Although she is the most obedient kid, I felt she just do what’s told and not what’s needed… My DD’20 is directly opposite, if she wants to do well, she will do well. She is very quick and efficient in many ways (except her shower time, takes forever.) never see her study cause she said everything is done in school during recess. We were originally all joked about going to east coast and experience different life, however, they truly are spoiled by the great weather in SoCal, I don’t think they can survive winter in east coast. (They complained about 62 degree today!)

That sounds great, and your daughters sound like great girls. We are grateful that it has been almost 60 this week (in Boston). :slight_smile:

@fretfulmother I can’t believe you can even begin to think about college for your 8th grader while going through the process with your senior. My senior is exhausting me.

I think my D20 is going to be very challenging for me. She is by far the most social, least STEM interested, and least academicly focused of my kids. I promised myself that I would encourage her to grow into the woman she was meant to be and not a replica of her siblings or a vision I had in my head. As a family of engineers this liberal arts kid is going to give me a run for my money.

@MuggleMom - I think maybe I’m in denial in terms of my DS16. When I was pregnant with DS25, and DS16 was nine years old, I preferred to plan DS16’s bar mitzvah rather than focus on the birth and baby issues I had to plan for imminently. :wink: So now my distraction is my DS20!

I am sure you will do great with your D20 if you are already aware and giving her an independent space as you describe!!

I was wondering when this thread would come along! Nice to see some familiar names! I have a D16, S18, and S20. We are pretty much done with the college app process with D16 she knew exactly where she wanted to go to school. Thankfully it wasn’t a highly selective school so she’s done except with some outside scholarship. S18 learned a lot watching his sister check out colleges and has a good idea of what he wants to do for college and what he has to do to get there. S20 is my mystery kid.

We homeschool through 8th grade and so next year will be a huge transition both for S20 and for me not having anyone left at home to school! We hope S20 will get into the same out of district high school his brother and sister attend. He has no idea what direction he wants to go in and no EC’s that he’s passionate about (other than Boy Scouts). Like @MuggleMom I’m afraid he’ll feel he needs to follow in his brother’s footsteps and along a STEM path just because that what his brother did. Both his brother and sister are very high achieving kids and unfortunately S20 already feels the need to do as well or better then them.

Anyone starting to think about which classes your kids will take next year? I thought I had things figured out but it looks like the high school may be making changes to the classes they offer next year so I’m waiting for the new course book to come out.

Hello @3scoutsmom, I liked your screen name when I first saw it, because I also have 3 scouts, 2 Girl Scouts and 1 DS’22 Boy Scout. All 3 of them started early from Daisy and Tiger and we are truly a scout family with schedule around scouting and basketball.

I’m so mad! I typed a long long post and when I post comments, I lost majority of them! Same thing happened last night. I’m tired now and can’t retype. I was talking about my DD’20 is a lot like @MuggleMom’s DD…

@ijjkmom that happens to me too! If I know I’m going to write a long post, I’ve taken to writing it on my computer and copy/pasting it in the text box.

@jjkmom its nice to know that I’m not alone in this adventure. I’ve been a little concerned on how I was going to handle her. Okay,its a daily concern, but right now, on the back burner trying to get D16 to get her apps done.

As far as college visits go, D20 is the only one that took notes or made any comparisons and she’s been to roughly 20 colleges. That’s the life of a third child. My big kids actually asked her for input when discussing their options. She notices everything, but the things that were important to her (Boston U girls dress up the most, at Boston College the tour guides all had ugly shoes on, MIT girls had the nicest bathing suits, Drexel had great ice cream, etc) aren’t necessarily what’s significant in the grand scheme of things. I can’t wait to see what her choices are.

We are actually picking classes for her freshman year as soon as winter break is over. My D is stressing over whether or not to set herself up for taking the maximum math classes in HS. I think it is horrible that you need to plan your hs career out before you even begin. Personally, I don’t think she needs it, but she watched her siblings do it and now thinks its standard and she is somehow ‘less’ if she doesn’t. I’m not quite sure how to deal with it. If she goes STEM, its not a bad idea, but I’m not sure its necessary. If she stays liberal arts, I doubt maxing out on math classes is as important as taking classes towards your field of interest. And since ‘taking over Broadway’ is not a major and she has no dance/voice/acting training to speak of, I’m thinking her current major is up for revision. :slight_smile:

@MuggleMom - I love that your older kids asked your youngest for input! :slight_smile:

My DS20 is in a bit of trouble for going to school (including a science lab) instead of a music “optional” field trip. I’m glad that his grade in music won’t matter for real life, because I fear this teacher is a bit resentful of him now.

My 8th grader can’t wait to start high school as she will be able to play Varsity basketball if she stays in her current school (7-12, small public highly academic focus), but I was hoping that she transfer to her sister’s HS, where less pressures more activities and more fun, the drawbacks is she will not be able to play varsity. She doesn’t really care about college or future career at this moment as long as she can play basketball, any college will be fine. I’m sure that will change.

I’ve been emailing the high school councilor and found out that there’s a high school orientation on January 7th. We’ll have to take this on faith because (since it’s out of district for us) DS20 can’t even submit his application for this school until February!

I also found out that they’ve changed the art requirements and he’ll have to take ‘general art 1’ before any studio classes. DS18 went directly into ceramics and DS20 thought he’d do the same

I think DS20 will go with the digital graphics 1 class instead, it will meet his fine art requirements and one of the four required unweighted classes and I think he’d actually learn some useful skills.

So here’s our current thought for a schedule:
pre-AP Algebra 2
pre-AP English 1
pre-AP Chemistry
AP Comp Sci
Chinese 1
computer graphics 1
AP Human Geography

The school allows you to do off campus PE so he’ll do fencing for that. We go back and forth on the math, he’s currently doing algebra 2 through an on line course but it does not meet the state standard for credit so he’d have to test out of it and I’m just not sure that’s the best thing. I don’t want him have any gaps in math so even though some of the concepts may be repeated I think it’s best to take Algebra 2 again. The high school course is taught very differently according to my older kids so it won’t seam like too much of a review. Thankfully the school will accept his credits for Algebra 1, geometry and biology even though he took them before 9th grade because they were state accredited high school classes.

Wow @3scoutsmom that’s an exciting freshman schedule. My D is trying to figure out if she needs to double up in Algebra II and Geometry. Not seeming to be a STEM kid, I say no. That’s a ton of math homework, but her siblings did it and thinks she can handle it. I’m not sure that I see the advantage for her. We’re still debating.

@jjkmom, I love that at this age, things like basketball can be what’s important. I think that is great that she can play varsity as a Freshman. Keep us updated on where she ends up.

@3scoutsmom , your HS allow freshman taking AP courses? Wow, maybe that’s better to spread out AP courses instead of taking most of them in Junior year like my DD’18 plans to do next year, her schedule is crazy.
@MuggleMom , yes, my DD’20 still enjoys her life and having lots of fun in school without getting too much pressure. Her school is very academically focused, so most her friends are really self-driven. However, my DD’20 doesn’t have the same caliber, she will do well if she likes the teacher or if she has the right mood that day. I will let you know what we decide later on.