Parents of the HS Class of 2021 (Part 1)

This thread is destined for parents of potential 2021 high school grads.

Hello fellow parents of 2021 kiddos.

My D21 is an introvert who likes to chill in her room most of the time when not in school. Her interest cycle and currently she is in to her DS and Pokémon. She enjoys Netflix and anime.

We are in Texas where high school rank is very important.

Hello, bingewatcher!

My D21 is interested in History, French and sometimes other subjects. She plays the violin and has been accepted into regional strings/orchestra groups. She loves kayaking. She attends a private school in VA. She is already forming a short list of schools despite our encouragement to be broader-minded.

Wow @BingeWatcher your D21 sounds EXACTLY like mine! We just did a trip to WDW over the holidays and we spent hours at EPCOT in Japan.

Mine is mainly interested in Math, languages and Art. We are in CA and she’s applying to a local private. We will see.

Looking forward to this journey with each of you.

My D21 is pretty smart. She is good at all subjects. But as of now, she seems quite lay back.

I would see state flagship as her match in 4.5 years.

My son has an easy time at our local public middle school and has applied to boarding school for the fall. He doesn’t have any burning passions but is interested in history, science and math. He’s also a 3 season athlete (football, wrestling and lacrosse).

Hi folks. :-h I have a DS21. I’m also on the Class of '17 board, and my DS17 is quite different from my DS20, so I expect this will be a very different process.

My DS21 is transgender and we are working through that whole journey. We have an appointment set up next moth with a specialist out of town where we will talk about hormones and/or estrogen blockers. One difficulty for him is that he is only 5’2" and has stopped growing already.

He wants to go to a high school across town where few people will know his original name and gender. The idea of being “in the closet” bothers me some. This is a small town, and there is little chance that he won’t be “outed” over 4 years. But, at least both schools (and our state) are supportive of LGBTQ students.

Social issues have kind of taken the forefront over academics for the past year or two. His GPA is currently about 3.0. He is bright and qualified easily for the GATE program and is in honors classes. However, math and other subjects don’t come effortlessly to him as they do for DS17, who is a NMSF and quite advanced.

He is applying to a couple of art-related programs at the high school across town. He’s also considering applying to the computer science program. We don’t know what the acceptance rates for these programs are or how much they look at grades vs. portfolio.

DS20 and DS17 get along very well, and I won’t be the only one in the family who feels there is a big hole when DS17 leaves for wherever next year.

Hi everyone! Hi @Ynotgo :-h

My S21 likes to play Minecraft and do card tricks.

That’s it.

Question. Since my D21 is taking some Geometry this year the HS she’s applying to said based on her test scores of course, she could take Geometry over the summer so she can take Alg 2 freshman year.

She always tends to score in the 90’s on those standardized tests AND she has gotten straight A’s in math for several yrs. Its actually her strongest subject. This will allow her to take Cal BC as a Sr which is the highest math at the school. I’d prefer to to continue with year long math courses and get A’s versus rushing. But I have no clue. I didn’t go to a 4yr college.

Her current MS has taken them to local colleges for field trips. Last yr it was UCB and UCD this yr. she has spent several summers at Stanford so she’s commented she wants to apply to schools like that. She’s in an Honors pgm so they are pushing college attendance and reaching for the stars. They even brought in a UCD college admissions counselors to speak to their class. Public HS is basically connected to the MS so since day 1 they’ve talked about it being a 6yr plan so preparing for college now is a must. This was from the school principle to us parents during a 7th grade parent nite. She’s not totally sure of a career. Flips between medicine & technology. Her BFF wants to go to MIT so is begging daughter to apply there. (No comment) D21 has mentioned she does NOT want to leave California.


Oh and one more comment. Math was the hardest subject during my school years and limited me from doing what I wanted to do in life. Which is why I made sure ever since pre-school that was the one subject she didn’t fall behind in and made sure she mastered the fundamentals. Arithmetic… which I think was my downfall. Oh and that her reading level was at least 2yrs above where she was in math. This was a suggestion given by the head of math pgm she attended in her early years.

I think it’s much better to get ahead in math when you can. If your D21 is ok with taking geometry over the summer I’d go for it but it really needs to be her call.

All three of mine took Pre-AP Algebra 2 in 9th grade and it worked well for them.

Thanks so much @3scoutsmom I will ask her thoughts once we receive her scores back from the school. It’s so hard having only 1 and no family members having gone thru this in the past 15+yrs. if it wasn’t for this board I’d be so alone!!!

my D is taking geometry in 8h grade too.

@EGHopeful My DS17, who is more relevant to your situation, took geometry in 8th and Alg II/Trig in 9th. If the high school says that taking geometry over the summer would benefit her, it’s probably a good idea unless there is something she’d really rather do during summer. What does she say? She will need to buy in, because there will be plenty of homework.

If engineering is a possibility for her, having Calc BC in 12th grade is useful. For kids who are good at math, a sequence that includes Calc AB and Calc BC as separate years is not especially difficult. At many schools, Calc BC is a single-year class without taking Calc AB first.

I always have to remember that my kids are not me. So, what were my weakest and strongest subjects in school are not necessarily going to be the same for my kids, and my two kids are very different from each other.

DS21 also says he does not want to leave California. A lot can change in 4 years. For DS21, that’s coming from how transgender people are being treated elsewhere. But, there are other states that are progressive in that area. There are a lot of great colleges in California! Your DS could talk her BFF into applying to Caltech and Harvey Mudd.

You are right that fundamentals in math are important. Because of the way kids learn to read and the way books are scored for reading level, it is fairly common for a kid to have a much higher reading level than math level. It tops out, though, because 12th grade “reading level” is basically limited to books in Old English and some science journals. Most writing in newspapers, books, etc. is about 8th grade level.

My DS21 is taking a compacted set of Math 7, 8, and Common Core Math I during 7th and 8th. So, for him 9th will be Math II, which I think has geometry mixed with some other topics. I don’t really like the new math sequence, but it’s what is available to us, and it is possibly better for DS21 than it would have been for DS17.

@Ynotgo thanks for the insight. Yes my DD took the common core compacted 7/8 last yr and now is in Math I. The HS she may attend next yr still does the traditional Alg 1 Geom Alg 2… sequence. They offered for the first time Math II for those coming from public school but they are allowing her the option since she took an online Algebra 1 class in 7th grade.

Well we went to see Hidden Figures yesterday and my D21 loved it so much shes now considering engineering or some sort of combo with Medicine & Technology. She told her BFF about the movie as soon as she got home and boy is BFF happy since this “may” persuade D21 to apply to MIT. I reminded her she’s in the 8th grade so keep an open mind. Heck, she used to want to be a Cow Girl, then a “Money Manager” next a Vet… soooo yeah. Pediatrician has stuck for the last 3yrs only because her Dr said she could Shadow her once she get into HS and of age. So she’s just excited about that. We will see!

Hi everyone! As my name says i have three kids. D21 is my middle child. Whe i went throught the all 4 years of high school and college process for my frist one CC was my support system. I don’t know what i would have done with my group. I am happy to start another long tedious journey with this group. Hope we have each others support.D21 is in a charter school and will go to public school next year where her sister went. She is artistic. She does choir at school and does painting,singing as hobbies. absoultely hates reading. It’s going to be a great challenge in high school.She’s pretty smart. Science oriented kid. Wants to be a surgeon for a long time. Will have to wait and see if she has the endurance for it. She is taking spanish online in calstate to head a head start in high school.

@EGHopeful my opinion about taking a math class in summer especially geometry is not a good idea as it’s the base for the higher level classes unless your daughter is confident about it.

Hi all. Our D21 is our youngest of four. Older two a senior and freshman in college and a high school sophomore who hasn’t begun the college search process. I have found the parents’ threads on CC enormously supportive and look forward to the evolution of this community. D21 is a dancer, singer, and actor who is interested in science and literature. She registered for high school classes last week! In this, I see the beginning of the end.

Welcome @EastGrad I have followed the success of your older students and I’m so glad and feel fortunate to have you part of our group. Looking for as much wisdom as I can get. D21 is my one and only so it’s a one time shot for me… so I have to do the best I can for her. Looking for an amazing 4yrs with this community.

Thanks, @EGHopeful! I too have benefited from the advice and knowledge on CC. As I imply above, the parent threads are my favorite. I really look forward to getting to know everyone on this list. :x