Parents of the HS Class of 2021 (Part 3)

This week is also midterm week since DH texted S21 to do something but he said he was heading into a chem midterm.

There are a lot of complaints about long lines with the cafeterias. Brown Memes is now an account that mocks this and is followed by the admin, I’m sure :). The newspaper is referencing that account on IG.

This weekend is Family Weekend. I can’t wait and praying Southwest cooperates with the travels.


My son’s college usually has a high ranking for food, but the upperclassmen all say it’s nowhere near normal quality this year. Long lines and sold out entrees at peak hours, which I think is staffing related.

I’m now worried about weight, 25 pounds is a lot, @NateandAllisMom! My kid is really tall and 150 lb on a heavy day. I hope some good home cooking over the holidays will help pack the weight back on your son.

Had a long chat with DS last week after many weeks of limited info over text. And I guess no news really is good news. He just sounded so happy.


It’s fall break at Hamilton. D21 left on Amtrak today to go visit her best friends in NYC. One is at Barnard and the other at NYU. I’m worried about the trip, but she Facetimed with me from the train and all the school friends she’s traveling with with said hi to me. I’m sure it’ll be OK. It’ll be OK. It’ll be OK. :grimacing:


What is Fall Break? Are you guy son a semester schedule (started end of Aug/early Sept)? I’m completely fascinated by this because we didn’t have this in my college quarter system. Do you get an entire weekend w/o legit homework?

He was about 210, is tall but had a little room to lose. But he’s really cut back in carbs, exercises a lot, and due to the lines isn’t having a proper breakfast. Hopefully he will change that at some point.

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It’s a semester schedule. Classes started mid-August. They have off starting at 4 p.m. today through Sunday. Basically, a long weekend. No homework, and faculty are encouraged not to have tests or projects due right when students return, so that students can actually relax.

At some schools it’s only Friday, sometimes Thursday and Friday. It varies. No classes those days. Some profs are nice and don’t give assignments, some give the normal amount. Basically it’s a long weekend.

Our school’s fall break was Monday and yesterday. Unfortunately, she had a test today. I haven’t heard about food issues so I should ask.

Sounds like fun! Any particular reason for your worries? The travelling, or just being in NYC?

It’s my daughter’s 4th year at Barnard - and her internship is at NYU. There is nothing particularly worrisome about either!


It was the traveling and making connections/Ubering & not getting lost in/around Penn Station. I was a bit relieved when I saw that she had friends on the train, some of them from the city, but I’m a worrier by nature.

My D’s fall break started today as well (thru Sunday). She’s going on a rafting/camping/zip line/climbing trip with the outing club. I can’t wait to hear how it goes… she has never been into camping so this should be interesting. Haha. Seriously, I’m excited she’s taking full advantage of the opportunities for new experiences. :grin:

Parents weekend was the weekend before last and it was so fun! Loved meeting her friends and their parents. She’s very happy which makes me happy. :grin::grin:


New York is one of the four equidistant cities that Hamilton students should visit, with Toronto, Montréal and Boston as the other three.


Visited D21 at Parents weekend last weekend. We were the only parents to visit in her suite, but met one more roommate who seemed ok. D is doing ok. Adjusting and struggling as we mostly expected. She does not have a dining plan. When we asked her where she wanted to go for dinner, she asked me to cook! That didn’t happen but sure made me feel good. :slight_smile:

She’s making some mental progress on a major. Haven’t asked about grades but she has a gpa requirement to keep her scholarship.


S is on a semester schedule. Classes started 8/23 and they have next week off.

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My D finally (it took around 10 months to get an appt) had a full nueropsych workup yesterday. She does not have the suspected math disability, but she does have ADHD, executive functioning disorder, and is autistic. All in all an interesting day that will help her understand herself better for life and put her on a path to get tools to make her successful.


I think 90% of the reason for 3-2 programs is for parent benefit during the college search and selection process. They are usually not very practical, and I think the reality is that almost no one actually takes advantage. They are more of a marketing tool than an educational one. I’m not taking a shot at Colgate specifically, and maybe theirs is different, I have no specific knowledge. But lots of LAC’s have them, have kids going in either thinking they will take advantage or at least selling that story to their parents, and then the kids either don’t pursue it or drop off of the plan. A large reason is that these kids are for the most part having great experiences at their schools and don’t want to give up their senior year with the great friends they have made and the great education they are receiving.

It sounds like he is getting along really well, and the weight loss may be from healthier habits and not lack of access to food. Unless there is something you aren’t sharing (which is fine) I’m not sure why you are bringing up a transfer. It sounds like pretty normal college issues he is having. He is at a great school that outperforms their already high ranking when it comes to job placement and alumni loyalty. If he is happy I wouldn’t muddy the waters for him. It’s unlikely that a move would be even lateral when it comes to his job prospects. If he isn’t unhappy I wouldn’t walk away from Colgate.


Just adding to this point…a lot of students don’t want to leave their campus and friends for senior year (the most common structure of 3-2 programs).

Another downside is paying for 5 years of undergrad. Even if the 3-2 program results in two bachelor’s degrees, the student is not typically more marketable than those graduating with just one bachelor’s degree…so one year more school, same set of jobs at the same salary range. Often, financial aid is not guaranteed at the 2 year school either, even at meet full need schools (looking at you, Columbia).


Bowdoin has a 3/2 program with Columbia. We asked about it early on. Apparently no one does it. Lol.


As I said, it’s not there for the students, it’s there for the marketing brochure!


Yes a lot of these points are made in this podcast

At 24:14. I’m just planning to let him know that it’s out there as a potential option when it’s a good time. Colgate seems to be expanding the CS program with an emphasis on creativity so it may be a great option to stay put and certainly may be his preference as a junior. There are some upper level courses that Colgate doesn’t offer he was interested in but may be permitted to take online.

Though he originally preferred one of his waitlist schools I think he is quite happy at Colgate and it’s comfortable academically. :slightly_smiling_face:. At least when it’s not the dead of winter, I think the small school is a good fit.

The diet is a mix of intentional eating and access issues I think. Hopefully he has plateaued.