Parents of the HS Class of 2021 (Part 3)

My daughter found the video lessons provided by the College Board very helpful. It’s been a while so I’m not sure if they still offer them and in the subject your kid is taking (was it APUSH?), but it’s a place to start. Good luck!


My kid swears by Marco Learning—absolutely loves them. They’ve used Marco for a number of classes, including World, but didn’t take APUSH.


Thanks everyone!

Fascinating interview with filmmaker Debbie Lum re: college admissions stress among high achieving students and the recent documentary “Try Harder!” Stress Among High School High-Achievers: Filmmaker Debbie Lum on "Try Harder!"


Have you seen Try Harder? I’m tempted to rent it. I’d watch it with DH because he went to Lowell. There are two camps on the new changes at Lowell admission. I am trending on the opposite side vs the alums we know for sure. I’m hoping the high stress situation will lesson with their new lottery approach. My nieces go or went there. It feels sometimes kinda toxic-level stress.

And my kiddo is off for her second semester. I hope that all of our children stay safe and healthy and enjoy the rest of their first college year.


My son is in school since January 3rd. Stanford had a real explosion of cases of positive students and staff but somehow managed to isolate them all. School and dorms remain open, lectures being online until the end of Jauary. Really grateful to the administration for their efforts.

My son has three vaccines and immunity from a breakthrough infection last summer, and so far tests negative


Hoping all the kids will stay negative. FYI, I have two new hires. All boosted. Both have a second case of COVID recently. They had COVID before, too.

Ugh. Any idea how much time between their Covid cases? Was the first one before vaccine?

They had a breakthru case last summer and then got their booster in November and then got it two weeks ago. Both said that the first time they got it, the symptoms lasted 2 days. Similar to my husband’s breakthru case. This time, it lasted a good 5 days for both of them. I don’t know if it’s the variant (tests don’t say if you have delta or omicron). One of my daughter’s friends got it last week. He and his brother aren’t boosted, yet. He’s got symptoms and it’s been 5 days. Fever gone but chest pains and labored breathing. The brother has chest pains. Mom tested positive. She had her booster, no symptoms. There’s no definite trend that I see.


yeah. It’s hard to find any trends at all. Now D has it and it really is a cold. Her only symptom seems to be congestion. No fever, no fatigue, no cough. When S19 had it during this break, he was fatigued with a cough. Both only lasted a few days though. My H’s case last week seemed more severe. Three days of bad headache, cough, fatigue - more flu like. Took him about a week to feel closer to 100%. Everyone here is boosted. And I’m the last one standing!

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I had no symptoms, but a headache and some body aches (got it from one of my college daughters (6 days after she tested positive/quarantined in her room). On day 19 since my first positive test and still have a constant headache. Not as bad as the first few days of Covid - but not going away. Way more sympathy for people that live with headaches - never been an issue before. Don’t want to turn this into a Covid chat - so apologizes in advance.

In other news, both kids happily went back for 2nd semester and seemed to think their break at home was a bit too long - I guess I won’t be offended :slight_smile:


Dropped my daughter at the train today. In just one semester I see such a change. More self confidence, more comfortable in her skin, more relaxed, more overall happiness. I feel so lucky we had her home for 5 weeks. She said she really got to recharge and is excited for the next semester. I came close to crying but I think my happiness for her took over and won. I asked her on a scale of 1-10 how she would rate her first semester of college and she said 8. She’s excited about her school, her new life and getting back to it. This is huge because this is not where she wanted to go, but circumstances made it the only viable choice. All that stress from last year has finally melted. Feeling so grateful today.

I hope everyone else’s kids are doing well and happy to be back at school.


I just got a text from D saying thank you for buying such a great mattress topper, that if feels so good after a long day.
She had a long day of classes and walking the large campus in the bitter cold. Her bed never felt so good.

Topper is the Tempur Pedic Supreme 3in. It was the most expensive item I bought for the dorm and so glad it proved its’ worth.


The bitter cold of 30 degrees? :slight_smile:

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16 degrees to 30 degrees today with wind. We are not used to such cold weather here.


Yes! Thanks to everyone here chiming on on their big sale I grabbed one and my daughter LOVES her bed. Best investment for sure.


I haven’t asked about the topper situation. Kids haven’t stated any opinions abou them. I will look into it. Recall that I missed the great Temper pedic deal of 2021 and one kid just has one from Kohls.


I want to get one for my S, he has a different one that is not good.

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Same. :+1:

S reported over the holiday break that the Tempur Pedic 3 “ topper was the best thing we bought for his dorm.

He said his dorm bed is amazing bc of it and he is someone who typically doesn’t care at all about “things”.

They are back in stock and on SALE now if anyone posts on the class of 2022 parent boards. Let them know!!