Parents of the HS Class of 2021 (Part 3)

I did two sets of sheets and two sets of towels. I also did different colors for each set to make it easier to keep track of which are the clean set and which are the dirty.


Mattress topper - did anyone try to buy the Tempur-pedic on amazon for $169 on sale? I did, then they canceled the order and want me to pay $299 now.

Eww that sounds like a bait and switch. Prime day is June 21/22 so maybe you can find a good deal then.

They had a deal last week that if you buy a $50 gift card you get a $10 promotional credit. Not sure that’s also up there or not but I did that and am just holding the gift card.

Thank you for posting. Some highlights for me:

  1. One UC school had 14,000 applications with perfect grades.

  2. The average USC applicant has one non-A on their transcript.

  3. UC Riverside is underrated and tremendous at graduating URM’s.

  4. CSU Channel Islands and Humbolt are hidden gems with lots of personal attention given to students.

  5. Pressure to keep costs down since CA public schools are losing kids to OOS schools and Canada.


I need a little advice. What would you guys tell someone who got a D this semester in a core class? I have two kids asking me what to do- I know they need to tell the school right away but not sure if there is anything specific they should say? These are two fo the kids I was helping with applications and they both got into schools they never thought they would so they are so nervous. :frowning:

Busy weekend here. Last AP on Thursday. Also had a 2 hour online boring orientation. Graduation on Friday night. 650 kids done outside at football stadium done in 90 minutes. Meanwhile travel softball tournament yesterday and today. Tomorrow she starts job a day camp.


Drop off at Colgate is Sunday. We plan to fly in late on Friday. If I had to, we can fly home on Monday and be there to start work on the second day that schools are open here. But we really want to see S19 after we drop D, otherwise we won’t see him until mid-Oct. Mid-June to mid-Oct is a pretty long time to go without seeing him and it seems silly to be four hours away and not swing by to visit when we do Colgate drop off. I’m going from a SAHM who can travel whenever I want to possibly working full time. It’s been 21 years since that’s that’s been the case. I just have to see how it goes. If I’m offered a job, I am going to ask for that week off and see if I can negotiate starting just a week later. These aren’t teaching jobs where the kids would be left hanging. I think the schools would likely be fine without the position filled for one more week since, like I said, these positions have been open for months and these schools have been operating somehow without someone doing them for a while now.

There are Dormify pop ups in Chicago, NYC, Boston, Philly, and Dallas for anyone that is into dorm decorating. Shop With A Stylist – Dormify

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My mantra for years has been it is way better to come out ahead of something than to have someone find out on their own and have it bite you in the ass. I have seen way too many people get hurt or screwed because they didn’t.

So, having said that, I would not have them delay telling their respective schools. In fact, I would do it asap. Our final transcripts are going out to schools this week. They should be as honest as they can be about why the grades were D’s. Did they have a little too much fun, did they have trouble with the material, did they go from remote to in person and have trouble with the transition? Be honest, let them know it doesn’t reflect their general work ethic, this year was like no other (yes we have all heard that ad nauseum), don’t make excuses but instead take accountability. That’s the most important thing, honesty and accountability. Grateful for the opportunity to attend such and such school.

You don’t know what the schools will do. Maybe they will rescind, maybe not, or maybe the consequence will be having to take a summer school course or pushed to spring admit, but the longer they wait to address it, the worse they will make it for themselves.


With any job you take, before you accept you should be upfront about the time you’re requesting off and let them know. Often schools advertise jobs for months before they plan to fill them. So for instance, this job may have appeared to be open for months, but that may only have been when the application period began for the job to start in August so that they can onboard all employees at the same time. You won’t know until you ask and of course, the worst thing they can do is say no. However, why don’t you try to visit your son before taking your D to school and before you start working? Either way, the timing isn’t going to be great for you to come back whether you’ve taken a week off or one day and then to throw yourself into a full-time job after not having worked for 21 years. That will be a huge adjustment and you may be exhausted, so just remember that as well. Coming back from a weeklong trip, then immediately starting a full-time job without any real break in between for you.

Schools don’t like summer melt, so the students have some leverage. I’d have a two pronged approach.

First, come up with a plan to fix or lessen the mistake. Can they retake the class over the summer? Maybe online through a virtual school.

Next, I’d reach out to the school after dorms are assigned if possible. At that point the school really wants the kid to show up. Have a good speech prepared to take responsibility and promise to learn from the mistake.

Did the kids graduate? If not, I’d think about a gap year.

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To add to this, for anyone shopping at Dormify, if you buy anything, make sure you use a coupon code. You can always find a 15% off one, and sometimes a bigger one.

Can’t visit S before Colgate drop off with D in tow and all of her stuff. I will definitely be up front with vacation day requests if I receive offers and see how it goes. We wouldn’t be gone right up until when I start, likely returning on a Friday and starting on Monday. It will be an adjustment for sure but school hours just 8-3, no travel, lots of vacation days built into school calendars so it’s not like I’m going back to my pre-motherhood job where I was working 50 hours a week with a long commune and travel. :slight_smile:


Yes! Thank you. None of those are near me, so I will have to check and see how long they’ll be there for. Not sure how much decorating we will do (maybe a whole wall of …well…nothing… :pensive:) but they have some pretty useful stuff for dorms. I already bought some stuff, but there’s always more, seems like it. Trust me, I’d love to add fairy lights to every corner but…umm…don’t think that’s gonna happen… :rofl:

Dormco also has a lot of the same type of stuff. One thing however that we found with dormify after i took my twins there in person and spent an arm and leg 2 years ago, we found many of the same things, including brand, on amazon or elsewhere way cheaper.

Even last night I was telling my son to look around at some stuff since the site is easier to look at than BBB and then I’ll just find it cheaper at BBB. So for instance, the little folding step stool which is a must, same exact one is $1 cheaper at BBB and that’s before the 20% off at BBB so better deal. Lamps are cheaper at Target - we bought them for $5-7. Clip on lamps that were great and one I think needed a better desk lamp. The room lights, etc. So we bought a crapload of stuff at dormify and then sent a lot of it back after we found it cheaper. We bought the bedding there, but bought sheets at Pottery Barn which were cheaper and great quality.

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I have two sets of sheets. Since he’s going to be where it’s cold, one set is flannel. I’m think I’m only doing one set of towels (bath and two hand towels. One he can take to the gym) so that it will motivate him to do laundry and make sure the stuff is in the dryer timely. Strategy play :).

For bedding, I think based on cc suggestion, I got a zipped up cover for the dorm mattress. Contain the cooties. The tempurpedic topper looks like it comes with a cover, but o got a cover to go around the topper and the dorm mattress to keep them all together.


I got one. $169 and it was delivered. The one I got is from tempurpedic as the seller but on the Amazon storefront.

@srparent15 and @AlwaysMoving Thank you! I told them they need to email today to call first thing Monday. This is a big public school (same school for both girls, and actually they got the D in the same class too!) so they do have all sorts of different admissions plans. One friend got in for summer and one for spring with the requirement that she take classes at a CC in the fall.

Dorms aren’t assigned yet and unfortunately they won’t be for a few more weeks so they can’t wait for that. Both will graduate on Saturday and it’s not like they went from all As & Bs to a D, they both had ups and downs all through high school. They do have the option to do grade replacement by retaking the class over summer, I mentioned that to them so they will email their deans about that today. Hopefully it will all work out for them!

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I sent my older kids with two sets of towels. It was always nice when they had someone visiting and they had an extra towel for the friend (typically high school friends or prospective students). I also sent them with a twin air mattress and pump, which they kept tucked away under the bed when not in use. The air mattresses got used a lot through the years!

@MommaLue if you have access to somewhere you can ask questions about the dorms (like a Parents FB group), you may want to check if the rooms are cold in the winter. IME, typical dorm rooms are usually hot. S19 actually had to keep his window cracked freshman year b/c the room was so hot. Last year he lived in a campus townhouse where they had their own thermostat, but even then it controlled the entire house and was still pretty warm in his room. He goes to school in NY in a cold/snowy climate for reference.

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