Parents of the HS Class of 2022

Hi everyone! D22 is starting high school in a few months. She’s toured several options, she’s selected a public school, and she’s met with her advisor to select her 9th grade courses. I look forward to reading about your journey.
It’s surreal… and I’m trying not to blink. :slight_smile:

Hey, get to join one of these high school class threads finally! My S22 is finishing 8th grade at a private K-8 in San Francisco. He’ll be starting at an all-boys Catholic high school in August. He’s a STEM-oriented fella, and will be in their Engineering Program.

Clicked on this forum accidentally as my son is COLLEGE class of 2022 (HS class of 2018) and then I realized I belong here too since my younger son is HS class of 2022! Currently waiting on my senior’s final college acceptance/rejection and at the same time my younger DS is waiting to find out if he made the middle school baseball team. I don’t know which is more stressful! All I can say is those 4 years go really fast! I think I will be more prepared with #2! DS 18 is in good shape, 6 acceptances so far, one rejection, one still unknown. Best advice I can offer is to apply Early Action to a few schools (or ED if you are certain). It takes the pressure off!

I also have a senior this year and a son in the high school class of 2022. It has been a stressful year and we are gearing up for my son to tryout for the high school basketball team in the fall.

My daughters on a trip across the country with her 8th grade. I just talked to her and she sounded so grown up. It really is going fast!

Parent of an S22 and an S24. S22 is going to attend public high school. His interests are uncertain at this point.

Well S22 didn’t make the team and S18 got rejected from the final college. A disappointing week all around! Now we are off to Accepted Students day at one of his top picks. I will look forward to this month being over. Then it starts all over again with #2!

Sorry to hear about the bad week, @momof2boys65 . I have an S18 and S22 as well. S22 anticipates living large next year in his brother’s absence, but I know he is going to miss him terribly.

Hi @13street I’ve twin boys in the class of 2024. Sorry @momof2boys65–and yes, he will miss his brother!

Joining in from several other sub-boards. I have a D22 who will go to a local day school in our nearest city. She was WL at D20’s boarding school but the local option is excellent. Also have a S19 who is in public school and looking at colleges now.

Ok, I’m jumping in. I have a D who is class of 2022. I also have an S20, S26, and S29 (gosh I hope those dates are right-basically I have a 1st and 4th grader, too). We’ve had a rough year with S20 with mental health issues, but I think we are coming out of it ok, and we’ll be starting that college process very very soon. D22 is a different kid, VERY smart, but socially motivated (S20 likes video games). She is looking forward to high school for the social aspects and is planning her after school activities (Fall field hockey, Winter cheer, Spring Lax). She shadows a vet, is in the musical, and plays percussion in the band. All of which she may drop depending on her sport try-outs for high school. It’s going to be a wild ride with her! Of course, I didn’t expect my older S to give us such a scare this year, so I’ve kind of learned to just go with the flow and as long as the ball is in play it will all work out.

Wow @redfraggle you have an amazing D22. Looking forward to following her story.

It is nice to see this thread. D18 is off to St. Olaf next year, and we are thinking about where D22 might want to go in four years.

S18 has made his decision and will be off to school in the fall. S21 is next up. Luckily, he’s been on the campus tours with S18, so we’re ahead of the game in that regard.

Just realized I’m posting on the 2022 thread. Too much Easter candy this morning!

Old parent checking in! I have a D13 who is a college graduate and married, a D16 currently in her soph year of college, and then D22. My older two were homeschooled to varying degrees through high school, but the baby has been fully immersed in public school since fifth grade, and will attend a public high school next year.

I have D22 and l am looking forward to the small break I am going to take. Just finishing up with D18, who is set to decide between MIT and Duke, and man am I ready for a little time away from the process. :slight_smile: Also had D15, so the process does seem to be getting easier. But, D22 is a much different child from her siblings. I am sure it will be a fun ride when we start everything. Fortunately, while looking for her older sisters she has gotten to tour a ton of colleges. I see her at a small college, as she is not a fan of crowds. But, on the flip side, she seem to have an interest in veterinary medicine and we have a great in state option in NC State.

Anyone else started looking at the high school courses, with an eye toward things like AP course?I’ve got an idea about the quantity of APs and which ones my son would like. But he’ll obviously make decisions about things as the years unfold. Still, I want to ensure we’re aware of what he needs to do for certain AP courses.

We’re trying to avoid the AP race. We’re planning on taking the same route as we did with our son (HS class 2016): none in freshman year, one in sophomore, two in junior year, and one in senior year. All other classes will be honors.

Not looking at AP courses yet. At this point we are simply trying to plan out courses so he’s able to fit in four years of orchestra, plus the new graduation requirements our state will have in place for students starting 9th grade in 2018-2019.