Parents of the HS Class of 2022

@sfSTEM We actually went to a UVA summer send-off type event years ago for our son. Big house on the water and very nice of the family to host.


W&L and UVA always have well attended send off parties in my town.


Here’s an article about hazing, which I saw today and thought might be something for parents to talk to their kids about:


Same for my Stanford bound D in 2019.

I went to a summer event for incoming Northwestern students in New York when I got in, in 1988. Met a couple of my best friends there. Haven’t heard about a Boston event for S22’s NYU cohort, but we’d probably miss it anyway since we just completed our own move to NYC. (Well, “completed” is a stretch given the state of our kitchen, closets and remaining boxes, but we’re here!) S22 is going back to Boston next week to spend some time with his friends before our vacation in early August, but he hasn’t been particularly interested in NYU events anyway.


There’s a big event for DS’s college this summer, but it’s after he heads off for Quarter Plus (a one-month summer school/orientation program and once he goes to that he’s “gone”) and I’m too much of an introvert to want to go to a big party and meet a bunch of strangers without my son giving me a reason to go.