Parents of the HS Class of 2022

Aside from the obvious benefit of being done early, if you are not chasing merit scholarships, is there any other benefit to applying as soon as those schools with rolling admission open their applications? S24 is interested in about 4-5 schools with rolling admission and a couple open late July/early August. The problem is his school does not start until September so won’t be sending in any transcripts, LORs, etc. until at least three weeks after school starts. We thought he would get those all done in August and school is saying they don’t send any of their required stuff over summer hours. I guess we are SOL right? He should just complete his parts of the apps and as soon as school starts request those items school needs to get in?

Rolling admissions schools will have fewer spots left to fill as time goes on, so if students wait to submit it becomes more competitive for admission. I’d suggested submitted what you can and staying on top of the school to send in LORs and formal transcripts.


After getting the forms notarized, for the next step, what does the student need to do ( the HIPAA release form, FERPA form , healthcare directive, power of attorney etc). Are there designated departments within colleges that help receive and put them in their database? Thanks in advance for guidance