Parents of the HS Class of 2023

@JaceyK I would contact the school directly as it could be different for every school.

Also for your first question I’d start by looking in this forum:

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My D23 has 21 on her ionglist. She’ll definitely have a shorter list by the time it come around to application season.

Her older sisters had very different application lists, because while both were after Big Merit Aid™, D17 was applying mainly to selective LACs and D19 to public flagships. In the end D17 ended up applying to 12 (which was way too many and too stressful, but the last financial offer she got was the one she’s attending, so…) and D19 applied to 8 but those were mainly automatic entry based on stats without any essays or such.

D23’s going to be applying to a number of portfolio-entry programs where admittance to the major is competitive, so she’ll probably have to cast a wider net based simply on that fact alone—the process is different for the fine arts and fine arts-adjacent kids. Eyeballing her longlist, I expect she’ll end up applying to about 12 of them, including the 2 zero-stress automatic entry based on stats financial safeties she’s already planning on.

I’m guessing my son will end up with about 20 on his list.

Short answer: No. There are some sites that list a handful, but nothing even remotely usefully comprehensive.

There used to be a very good list of automatic full-tuition/full-ride scholarships put together and maintained by a group of CCers several years back, but it’s now quite out of date (e.g., it still lists the University of Alabama’s old stats-based full-tuition scholarship, which hasn’t been offered* for 5ish years), though it might be a good starting point: Automatic full-tuition/full-ride scholarships

* They still have a really good automatic stats-based scholarship, just not as good a one as they used to.

no ideas about college yet here. but i like hearing about the ideas.

something nice: my D23 switched from public to small private this year. D23 was awarded at her new school outstanding sophomore in Math and English yesterday. She liked that, Even though we left public after 18 years, i’m thankful for the education my kids have received.


There are a couple of decent threads on CC, but @dfbdfb is right, the Yolasite hasn’t been updated in years.
Here are threads to check out:

Looking for advice in Merit aid for a top 1% student (the legendary “Kevin From OC” thread
Schools known for good merit aid
Parents of the HS Class of 2019 - 3.0 to 3.4 GPA (this is the other end of the “Kevin From OC” thread and I remember it fondly, as my D fit this criterion…lots of great info for merit for not-tippy top stats)


Here is that thread for this year’s graduating class: Parents of the HS Class of 2021 3.0-3.4

and for the Class of 2023: Parents of the HS Class of 2023 3.0-3.4.


My son put in his 2 weeks notice and is quitting his job. He’s been working every weekend since last spring plus another day or two each week as well. They are starting to schedule him more and more during the week and telling him to find his own coverage. He has sports for school. My son feels horribly guilty because they are desperate for workers but I keep telling him his childhood and school comes first. He missed a vacation with us last year with his friends family because he felt bad as he was scheduled to work. I should be proud he has been working so hard but I’m okay with him not working for awhile. They are paying him minimum wage and not splitting tips with him even though he’s doing much of the same work. They are having him cook and not increasing his pay when the other cooks get much more per hour. My kid realizes they were using him as he was 15 and now that he is 16 and he can legally work more, they are trying to guilt trip him. He isn’t taking the bait and walking away.


@2plustrio good for him!! There is tons of work to be had out there that doesn’t have to be exploitative … businesses are desperate and when he wants to go back to work he will be able to find a much better situation, I’m sure.

I’m so impressed with all of you that have long lists. So far, we only have six, and that’s really due to my preliminary research. The only school S23 has mentioned is my alma mater, and that is a high reach for anyone. (Things were easier when I applied decades ago.) Though at least he knows what he doesn’t want. D20’s search mainly involved LACs. We dragged S on the tours, and at each he was bored and turned off by the small size. S decided he definitely wants at least 6k students, and that is the bare minimum. When we visited my H’s alma mater, Bowdoin, S didn’t even want any swag. (You can imagine how my H felt! :rofl: ) S is also looking at CS or computer engineering, so that leads to a different search. Still, he is very social, athletic, and outgoing so he doesn’t want to go to a hardcore tech university where there are, in his words, “Nothing but a bunch of nerds.” (Nevermind he is a hardcore STEM kid.)

To be honest, I have just recovered from D20’s search process. It was a lot of time and energy, but she was accepted ED into her top choice and loves it. I want the same for S, but he doesn’t seem particularly invested in the process. He keeps saying there is plenty of time. I am in the midst of grading final exams for the semester, and then I’ll spend the summer trying to pull a list together and get him more involved. Ugh.

I guess the benefit of having a more easygoing kid is perhaps I won’t have to worry about him “falling in love” with one or two schools like D20. There would have been a lot of tears if she was rejected from her top choices. S seems like he could be happy at a lot of different universities as long as they meet his general (few) requirements.


It is comforting to know my son is not the only one uninterested in the college search process. I do have a preliminary list for him and plan to visit this summer. He attended some Virtuals but didn’t really care for that format. We dragged him to Marist College to at least experience what an in-person “tour” is like. He prefered in-person vs. the virtual tour.

Syracuse University
Ohio University
Miami University of Ohio
Xavier University
University of Dayton
Case Western Reserve University
University of Scranton
UMASS Dartmouth

The above we plan to tour this summer. All have in-person tour availability.

Hoping as we see different schools (size/location/private/public) he will get a feel and perhaps make his own suggestions.

Summer 2022 focus on some VA and NC schools like NCState. He is also uncertain about selecting a major.

BTW…he thought Marist College was a beautiful campus but couldn’t see himself there.


Well…we have been steadily working on a long-list…has to have dance options plus top academics & especially plenty of STEM. Which means basically it is a reach-heavy list already. We are fresh off D21 so I get how it all works and more reaches than matches is just going to be the plan with this one.
We will add safeties later—not worried about that at this time because there should be at least two in state publics that are safeties. So the longlist has over 25 on it. Good grief. She will look it over this summer and pare it down. I am mapping most and grouping them into feasible tours. Some are far away so no way we will tour at this early stage.
3 more weeks of school…one AP done, 2 to go…plus finals…hopefully she will have a strong finish and keep her high rank.

D23 doesn’t have strong feelings on a specific school, but she does have a lot of strong opinions on everything else college related. She is undecided on a major but is social, [very] athletic and outgoing as well, wants fairly small campus (she liked the vibes of the LAC when we looked for her older sister) but doesn’t want to go to a school where everybody has their nose to the grindstone. She is a strong student (uw 4.0, w 4.5) who does very poorly on standardize tests so we have encouraged her to feel free going test optional.

An abbreviated list of her requirements thus far:

  1. School colors must look good on her. Any shade of Red, Purple, Orange or Yellow are preferred, certain shades of Blue are acceptable, Green is NOT to be considered.

  2. School must have more than decent shopping district, preferably within walking distance. Good transportation options a must if shopping is further afield. Good shopping includes multiple hair/nail options. Her hair is really important to her, I know we will be looking at salons in any area shortlisted.

  3. Athletic facilities at the school must be top notch, and easily accessible even if not on an athletic team. She competed at a high level in her club sport for years before retiring, and has since moved on to competitive dance which she is not sure she wants to continue in college (depends on which colleges make shortlist). But she is the kind of person who routinely does 2-3 hr personal work outs, four-five days a week (when not in season for dance). She loves going to the gym.

  4. She likes “an aesthetically pleasing” campus, which seems to mean a defined main quad, good amount of green space, and at least some “traditional” campus buildings.

  5. She would prefer warmer weather, she is tired of Chicagoland winters.

  6. Does not want communal bathrooms, she is a very neat/organized person (she Kondo’d before Kondo and had figured out that folding system by herself!) and wants more control over her personal space.

  7. On the other hand, she liked the long form survey her older sister had to fill out to be matched with a roommate, she likes the idea of school matching (based on long survey) rather than a free-for-all on social media sites after acceptances roll out.

Did anyone else notice nothing about classes, majors, study abroad options, etc :rofl:? She thinks (based on her sister’s search) that she won’t have any problem finding good classes and options at most places so fit is first and foremost on her mind.


I LOVE her thinking! Sounds like she has her priorities in order. :grin:

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My D19 strongly approves of this rule!:grin:

(It’s part of why Mississippi State, where she’s now attending, stayed on her list but, say, Clemson didn’t—she wears maroon seriously well, but orange not so much.)


Not sure if my son has strong opinions about school colors but I have found myself thinking “would I wear this college gear?”.

My son would prefer a strong fitness center for non-atheletes as well.

He is a bit into fashion and his own hair but is put off by “overdone” or kids who try too hard or do too much.

Thing 1 got accepted to SMU’s Lyle School of Engineering Summer Engineering Design Residential Camp. He’ll spend a week on campus

  • Room and all meals provided with breakfast in SMU Dining Hall
  • Project and skill-building workshops to experience engineering, mathematical, and scientific practices and core conceptual frameworks
  • A real-world challenge to prototype
  • Develop effective analytical and presentation skills embedded in collaborative Engineering Design Processes
  • Campus and Lyle School of Engineering tours
  • A meeting with the Director of Recruiting and Retention for the Lyle School (if interested)
  • The students will present their project on the final day to their families and friends, and staff and faculty of the Lyle School

Since we’re local and live in the Dallas area it will be an easy drop off and pick up!

Thing 2 is signed up for our City’s Teen Court…he’s also applying for the Youth Action Council (YAC works along side the Mayor and City Council to learn about Municipal Gov’t and consult of youth initiatives).

They turn 16 in 18 days!!! Eeepppp!! Drivers licenses and Covid Vac are top on the agenda for the next month lol!

We’re debating taking the ACT this summer…anyone else’s kids have plans to take it in July?


My DD took the pre-ACT then the ACT in the fall. She said the pre-ACT was harder than the ACT

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Sorry for being chatty cathy (finishing up finals week at work here).

I’ve been looking at our high schools instagram page. We are very average midwest suburban hs. They set up an account each year for seniors and announce post graduation plans. I like that they include those going into the military, entering apprenticeships and such as well. Most of our seniors are going to state schools or staying in the Midwest. We have 1 each going to cal poly, ucla, uc berkeley, occidental, and wash u. A few going to schools in or around Florida. We do have some high stats kids but Im guessing it comes down to finances. I do know of a couple of kids who were accepted at some out of state schools but had to say no due to cost.

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I’ve been creating a list of schools to consider for D23 to look at when she’s ready. This school year has been really awful and don’t want to add college stress. We did have a talk a couple months ago and agreed a LAC that is strong in sciences, esp ecology/enviro sci would be best. Needs a warm, supportive, not competitive environment. Doesn’t want to be super far from home (VA), might consider Midwest or Northeast.

I suggested some drive-through college visits for Spring break but she was not interested.