Parents of the HS Class of 2024

I think it’s not just highly selective schools that don’t accept CLEP. Some in state schools and flagships also don’t. Some do only particular courses so it is good for the student to check and make sure that it will be accepted. The hard thing is that most don’t know where they want to apply or what course.

Hello, all. I took a needed break for a few months as DS22 finished up his last semester and was doing all the whirlwind signups and registration for college. I was also super busy with a class of my own that was summing up the first year of a program with a major presentation.

I haven’t read all of the various threads I missed, but I did see the question about SAT prep. My daughter isn’t going to do it. She’ll only apply to CA schools which have gone blind. She doesn’t need it for English placement since she just finished AP English Lang and will be taking IB HL English this year and next. And she won’t need it for math because she will be doing a humanities degree that will probably only require stats. BUT, I wanted to put out a plug for Khan Academy’s SAT prep. It’s free and it’s really good. You can link your kid’s College Board account to their Khan Academy account and it will pull in their results. Those results aren’t just their score - it includes how they did on the questions which allows KA to know what they’ve already shown proficiency in and what they need to work on. KA gives them a plan that works through the stuff they still need to learn. KA also has full-length practice tests that will reset their plan of what they need to work on. So it’s a massive win-win-win. I had my son doing it until his #1 college finally went test blind and CB kept cancelling his test dates due to Covid. But it was having a really great impact on PSAT scores and his practice test scores. KA’s program isn’t an “8-week course”. It’s more of a long-term program. You set up a schedule for your kid that includes a set number of hours a week and they just add it to their schedule like a little extra homework. And did I mention it’s all FREE? I had just set up my daughter to do it when the CSUs went test blind and I stopped (she hates standardized tests and doesn’t do well on them. So making her go through the process would have been torture. But it’s still a great program. It would be worth a lot of money if they charged. I donated some money to KA because I found it so worthwhile.


Hit a couple of milestones this week. D24 turned 16 on Sunday. And today, she submitted a couple of job applications for a part time job. Going on a tour of ASU at the end of the month.


Your DS22 has decide to go to Cal Poly Slo correct? Our S24 is there for the EPIC program. When we dropped him there on Sunday he said he was not impressed with the college but when I talked to him yesterday night he said the campus was great. So it seems to be growing on him. I hope S24 can get into a good college in CA as it would make things easier. Cal poly slo was 3 hours from our house and feel some 2 to 6 hours drive from home is a good option if he can get in as that way he gets to be away from home but still not that far off.

If your Daughter is only looking for California makes sense not to do SAT/ACT. One less thing to worry.

This is what my daughter is doing at the suggestion of my DS22. He said it was great prep and he got a 1550 so my daughter is going that route for now. Bonus: it’s free.


@RadM - Yes, DS22 is going to go to CP. I only found out about the Epic program this week. I wish I’d known about it before because DS probably would have loved it. I kind of love that your son wasn’t impressed by the school but that it’s growing on him. Was he hoping for more of an urban setting or just cooler looking buildings? DS is seriously looking forward to mountain biking in the hills around campus and the sea kayaking. Also the tennis courts. But all schools have those. When I asked him what his top priorities were for a school he said 1) tennis courts, 2) small classes where he can get to know the professors, 3) somewhere he can get to know the other students. I assured him that every college he was applying to had tennis courts so let’s just look at the other two criteria. LOL!

And yes, DD24 will only be applying to California colleges, so I see no need to torture her with SAT prep.

Are you Nor Cal or So Cal?

@boo1 - Yeah… great program. I provide informal college counseling to some disadvantaged kids in my area. I recommend it to anyone who needs to improve their SAT or ACT scores. Khan Academy is so awesome. One of these days when I’ve got time I plan on doing their physics series since I never took it in school.

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So S is at a short music program at Oberlin this week and loves the look and feel of a rural LAC, woohoo! My checkbook is not excited but I am thrilled that he has found what he likes!