Parents of the HS Class of 2024

Took both of my kids to school this evening to pick up their schedules & get locker assignments and all that jazz. We now have an 11th and a 9th grader!

VERY happy to report that the disaster of a chem teacher from last year is no longer employed at the school. Thank goodness!

Both kids’ days are from 7:30-2:45. D24 has ‘academic lab’ for her last period (basically study hall) instead of taking AP Chem…the flip side is that her elective this year (per the school counselor) had to be an AP elective. The upside of this is that she’ll have an hour at school to get started on HW.

Her classes for this year are:

  • AP Music Theory
  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP US History
  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP French
  • Honors Physics

For extracurricular stuff, she’s going to do Robotics, volunteer at the hospital 4 hr/week, and continue with the children’s choir that she’s been in since 7th grade (it’s not associated w/school). She’s not going to do yearbook again this year…didn’t care much for it. No part time job. Lots of AP classes & good grades this year will be important.


That makes sense. Thanks.

WOW! lots of luck to her! She should have an exciting and busy year!

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For some of D24’s classes, we’re making her also sign up for the Modern States equivalent online lecture class and she’ll use that as an additional means of prepping for the AP exams. The side benefit is that at the end of each of those Modern States classes, once she passes their online practice CLEP exam, she can take the actual CLEP exam and still get college credit if she doesn’t get a high enough score on the AP exam.

…AND the CLEP exam won’t cost us anything.

So we’re going to do this for:

  • AP English Literature (I wrote above that she’s taking AP English Language, but I was incorrect). Will have her take either American Lit or English Lit on the Modern States website.
  • AP US History. Modern States equivalent is 2 classes: History of the US I, and History of the US II.
  • AP French. Modern States equivalent is French Language.
  • AP Calculus AB. Modern States class = Calculus.

Anyone else get their kid’s wisdom teeth out this Summer? S24 just got his out this morning- all four and they said the lower ones were really difficult to get out so to expect some significant swelling and bruising :frowning: He seems fine right now but everything is still numb and he has had ice on his face all day. Fingers crossed he is better in a few days!

Same!! S24 and D26! Is there a 2026 thread yet?? Finally back in the same school and S24 can drive her to school so I can head straight to work now instead of a drop off that is out of my way- yippee!!

D24 will be getting her wisdom teeth out next summer!

I haven’t seen a Class of 2026 started yet.

D24 doesn’t have her driver’s license yet, so we’re still doing the schlepping them to & from school for now!

Ha! First thing we did when school got out was take an exotic vacation – as it will likely be the last trip that isn’t a college visit until summer 2024 – followed three days later by wisdom tooth removal. How funny that we’re all on the same page.

Dentist recommended we take out our D’s wisdom teeth.

We’re going to schedule the consultative appointment in October and then do it in February so we can max fund the limited FSA for next year to save on taxes.

The only positive is, Apush has a ton of reading. So getting some of it out of the way is probably a good idea.

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1st day of school is all done. Here are some fun highlights which were reported to me in the car on the way home from school: :slight_smile:

  • 1 of D24’s friends moved to FL over the summer.
  • as a result, 11th grade now has 31 kids total.
  • they put all 31 kids into 1 AP US History class instead of 2. D24 found this really amusing.
  • 1 class mate isn’t back from a family trip to India yet.
  • another of D24’s BFFs is also not back from India yet.
  • yet another student isn’t back yet from a trip to visit relatives in Lebanon.
  • 1 of D24’s BFFs apparently flunked AP Calculus AB last year because she got burned out and didn’t do any of the HW. She’s repeating it this year, so she & D24 are in the same math class. As a result, all is well with the world once again now that the 2 buddies are reunited in math class.
  • D24’s AP USH teacher is same teacher who is D26’s AP US Gov’t & Politics teacher.
  • D24’s english teacher is same who’s also teaching 1 of D26’s english classes. We’ve all taken bets now on how long it’ll take for the english & history teachers to start calling my kids by the other sibling’s name.
  • D24 has decided that all of the boys in her grade are non-date-able material. DH & I are not-so-secretly relieved that we don’t need to deal with boyfriend drama for awhile.
  • Friend Who Moved To Florida apparently moved about an hour from Orlando. We’re going to WDW for a week in October. D24 & Friend Who Moved To Florida are going to make arrangements to meet up, assuming that Friend can meet us somewhere at WDW since we won’t have a car.

How long is the drive from school to home? I’m trying to picture the rate at which all that I formation came out.

My S22 had his wisdom teeth out early summer last year. My daughter came back from the dentist saying they should come out at some point in the next couple years. I think we’ll schedule hers for summer next year too. So both my kids will have been summer after junior year.

Drive from home to school is 30-35 min depending on traffic & involves going on 2 major freeways during rush hour in the morning. :slight_smile:

We got our final Class schedule also this Monday and can make any changes on next Monday. S24 got the classes he wanted as first choice so no change needed for him.

He has summer homework only for AP US History. This is first time he had summer HW so we totally forgot about it until last week and just started working on this. Since our school starts 8/22 he has couple more weeks to do it.

He is yet to finish the Java course he is doing online. Most of the summer he did not talk about Driving and all of a sudden he has a lot of interest. So he will be doing the written test soon so he can start learning to drive.

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Wow she has a very busy schedule with so many AP’s. Good luck to her.

Taking S21 back to school in 8 days, SAT for S24 in a little over 2 weeks and then finally a vacation! I am so ready!


Good luck on the SAT. My Son also is registered for the SAT at end of august.
When does schools start for you? After Labor day?

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yup! four more weeks! lots left to do!

DS school stared already here in midwest. He is taking AP Spanish, AP Biology, AP chemistry and AP US History…yikes! That is lot in junior year.