Parents ontacted for online survey?

<p>Got a letter from a business in NY--asking for the parents of kiddo--to login online and do a survey for $75...
loggin in it asks 2 initial questions
first about the number of honors courses etc your student has taken and then about the number of websites you student has visited...</p>

<p>Anyone else get this thing?</p>

<p>No, but my son was contacted by a survey company just a few weeks before financial aid packages were to be mailed by college. My son told the company that he'd be happy to supply the information AFTER MAY 1 (several questions were related to probe into how important money is as a factor in choosing a school).</p>

<p>This survey says its to leanr about the "way parents like you use different types of information and media everyday as well as details on how their children select a college or university to attend."</p>

<p>I don't know if it is worth doing fogfog. The survey that my son completed (was not paid, just a raffle incentive) had lots of quesstions about using the college's website vs. college guides vs. GC etc. (really a host of questions). I thought the point of the survey was really to pinpoint how little they could offer in FA and still get my son to matriculate, as there were financial questions (I told my son to state that he won't respond to those until after MAY 1). I felt the rest of the questions might be used for marketing info, but I felt that the real reason for the survey was to inquire more about how much/little $$ it will take to get our son to attend. I was able to acutally look up the clients that hired this marketing firm, because they listed their clients publically. A few schools that my son applied to were listed as clients. YMMV, but I am skeptical about these things.</p>