Parent's Perspective

<p>My son is a new freshman at Chapman. We are local to the area and truth is that we (the parents) were really hoping that our son would opt for an out of state experience. He loved Chapman from the first time he saw it and for him no other school compared, and he had some great options. I've been impressed with the school from the get go, but thought I would mention two areas in particular that I'm still pretty surprised by. Today his freshman seminar class was taught by Vernon Smith. For those of you who aren't economists, Vernon Smith is a Nobel Laureat who runs the Economic Science program at Chapman. To have someone of that caliber teach freshman is pretty unheard of. The second remarkable thing is that class has less than 20 students. I actually didn't realize how small his classes are. His largest is 40 students. I could go on about how happy he is and how impressed I am, but suffice it to say that today my son was taught in a very intimate setting by a Nobel Laureat- wow! Good job Chapman!</p>

<p>Great news! Cant wait to get in! And I’m an economic major!</p>