Parents Weekend 2014 is Sept. 5-7

<p>It’s the Florida Atlantic game. Seems really early to me, don’t you think?</p>

<p>Yep…and rooms are already going quick…act now or forever tell your $$$$ goodbye :-h </p>

<p>Yes, everything is booking. My condo booked yesterday. </p>

<p>It’s strange that they chose that weekend and not the next non-SEC home game.</p>

<p>Yes I already had decent rooms at great rates booked for the other weekends in Sept…of course they choose the one I did not have reservations for…at least I got a room For $160 vs $400 :)</p>

You’re lucky! Where did you find that rate?<br>
I just checked and there were only two decent places left…Home Town Suites at $309 per night and Ambassador Inn at $427 per night (not sure how Ambassador is).</p>

<p>The rest are either fleabags or out of town.</p>

<p>Where are you seeing the Parents weekend info? The page I have bookmarked still says date TBD.</p>

<p>We got an e-mail from Parent Programs with this link in it: <a href=“”></a>
You’re right though, on the UA website it still says TBD.</p>

<p>Howard Johnson using my NRA discount…</p>

<p>The date was announced in the UA Parent Newsletter that emailed out today…here is the link to the story
<a href=“”></a></p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>Hello all. I can’t believe how quickly those rooms went. My DS is now 75% sure he’s going to Alabama but not fully committed yet. We went ahead and paid the housing deposit though. </p>

<p>Can someone please tell me what happens on parents weekend if we are unable to get there? We’ll need a hotel for a few nights for Bama Bound in July and then couple nights in Aug for move-in. Any rooms left for parents weekend are non-refundable. We simply can’t afford to do that, especially since he hasn’t made up his mind. Its a ten hour drive minimum so there has to be a lot of planning to get the family down there that often. Of course I “want” to go, just may not be able to.</p>

<p>Seriously, if you will be there for move-in, you may not even want to go for Parents Weekend, it is very close to the move-in date. Students are very busy those first couple of weeks on campus…they’re usually too busy to even miss you.</p>

<p>Instead of (or in addition to) attending Family Weekend, you could visit during another home game weekend. It’s relatively easy to get tickets for many of the games and you can still do plenty of activities with your student. </p>

<p>There have also been reports of families visiting for Family Weekend and not being able to spend much time with their student, particularly if their student is pledging a fraternity or sorority and has mandatory pledge activities.</p>