Parents' Weekend

<p>This will be out first, and we are trying to decide whether to purchase tickets to the football game. Do most families go to the game on parents' weekend or spend time doing other things with their student?</p>

<p>first question, lenny2, is "do you have your hotel room booked?" you prob do but just wanted to make sure.<br>
Our family skipped the football game(s) in favor of other get togethers but lots of families go to enjoy the spectacle and atmosphere.</p>

<p>Yes, I booked the room as soon as D was accepted to Vandy! Got the Marriott overlooking the stadium. D doesn't know what to tell us about the game, since she hasn't been there yet and doesn't know whether she will want to go. I'm thinking that we'll want to spend our limited time there doing other things, but who knows? The game might be fun, too.</p>

<p>If you like football and have never seen an SEC game you should check it out. Nothing stopping you from only staying for the first half or arriving for the second half.</p>

<p>OK, another question. Any suggestions for a really nice out-to-dinner with our D while we are there? Two of us don't eat beef or chicken, and we aren't into the whole "southern food" thing. We're looking for something nice. Ideas?</p>

<p>Valentino's on West End is wonderful, if you're into Italian food. There's also The Standard, which is downtown. I've never eaten there, but I've heard good things and the building is gorgeous (saw a concert in their back room). Reservations are required for The Standard, and are recommended for Valentino's.</p>

<p>We enjoyed Sunset Grille, which was in Hillsboro Village (not far from Vandy). There are excellent fish and vegetarian options.</p>

<p>Cabana, slightly behind Pancake Pantry, is good and we have had several good meals at The Acorn which is off West End behind the McDonald's near the Parethenon (actually one block farther away from campus I think). D's core group of friends had a large pre-graduation dinner at The Acorn and I know they have vegetarian entrees from that.</p>

<p>Thanks for the suggestions! We will investigate all.</p>

<p>I second Sunset Grille and Cabana.</p>

<p>My son will attend Vandy in the fall. Can anyone fill me in on the itinerary for family weekend? Can siblings and grandparents attend, or is this designed for parents only? I’d like to know so I can make appropriate hotel reservations.</p>

<p>Siblings would likely enjoy the weekend, but unless grandparents are particularly active, they might find the pace to be a bit fast and could slow things down. It’s been awhile, but Friday usually involves campus tours and some opportunities in the late afternoon for a few faculty lectures geared towards popular interests. There is also an opportunity to hear the dean of your child’s college speak at some point. There was only one time in recent years when Familiy Weekend didn’t coincide with a football game, so I’m assuming there will be a tailgate and football on Saturday. A trip to Target and/or the grocery will also likely be high on your student’s agenda.<br>
Parents weekend is an economic stimulus for Nashville (as is move-in weekend), so you are wise to make reservations now. Hotels near campus will increase their rates and room availability will be somewhat tight.<br>
I notice that earlier in the thread I had recommended The Acorn as a good place to eat. For whatever reason, D told me they had gone out of business when I was in Nashville in January. Lots of other great places to eat there!</p>

<p>congrats and welcome to Commodore life. Siblings and grandparents are quite often there, and because Vanderbilt is a medium-sized university, the events are not intimate at all as they would be if your child was attending Davidson, where you could opt to meet teachers etc. Your first concern will be booking a hotel. I have stayed in many of them. Rates are increased for parents weekend and the earlier you book the better. If the rates are awful, we stay in Brentwood. But staying near campus really does vastly improve the quality of your visit. Your choice really is whether or not to stay on West End Avenue or to stay behind Vanderbilt past the Law school where other hotels are located and where things are closer to the freshman only campus. Parking fees are typical in these hotels except for the Hampton Inn Elliston Place near Centennial Park which is undergoing a reno right now and has a free parking lot close to the football stadium access road. If you stay at the Hilton Garden Inn, you do get the courtesy van for dropping you off at restaurants or the football stadium and this could be really nice for you with grandparents. There are other hotels with courtesy vans. Go to tripadvisor and kayak to seek out reviews and prices on those dates. We generally skip the football game but it is a festive affair with a lot of good spirits, the band and fun for relatives. You can opt to eat under tents on the grounds by prepaying for tickets for lunch. Since your child is a freshman, there may be something going on at the Commons. But you will enjoy time at the Commons as a group with your student’s classmates the night before you leave him as well as a coffee/fruit/muffin sort of affair the morning you depart.<br>
Your second concern once a hotel is booked, will be looking over the online page devoted to Parents weekend (google and you will find last year’s more than likely). You can prepay for attendance at theater events on campus on Friday night…could be student production or could be talent brought to campus for your pleasure. These Friday night events tend to sell out. We don’t go to them but they are really fun. You can prepay for football tix, and you can pre register to go to an auditorium and to hear a word from the Chancellor or the Provost or someone in administration. You can pre register to hear a select group of faculty members give academic lectures. </p>

<p>Your third concern would be to book dinner reservations for Friday or Saturday night if you want to eat on West End or Hillsboro Roads adjoining the campus. Takes some planning. You will be able to get pick up sort of food on West End and 21st regardless of reservations but if you want a sit down dinner, plan ahead. Again trip advisor is a good place to peruse. </p>

<p>We have not returned after the first year but we like to visit Nashville at least once a year. You will find that your son can only see you in increments of a few hours at a time despite the distance you travel due to studies and his commitments so you should also pick out an outing for the grandparents in the car sans son. Nashville is uber friendly and easy to get around. Cheekwood is lovely, Radnor Lake’s easy one mile level walk is a nice thing to do with son…(he likely hasn’t been there and it is basically a refuge full of locals intown), a drive to Franklin is very very pretty, a trip to stand and wait for a table at the Loveless Cafe is a ritual if you can wait 90 minutes, the Hermitage is worth an afternoon if you have tons of time. You might end up getting some shopping done for your son at Green Hills or at Target. I recommend some peace and quiet away from the madding crowd even if it is only breakfast out. Pancake Pantry in Hillsboro Village is great but first come first serve so we usually eat at the Bagel place on Demonbruen/21st instead. Some families will go out with roommate’s families but this takes some planning for a table indeed.</p>