Parietals/ Social scene

<p>Is this rule really enforced?
And how is the social scene at Notre dame. I was accepted early action but i'm a little hesitant about this school because it seems extremely strict.</p>

<p>From a personal anecdote from a friend, yes.</p>

<p>He got a ResLife (community service) for breaking parietals (having sex....)</p>

<p>From what I understand, parietals are probably most people's LEAST favorite thing.</p>

<p>Because it's a Catholic college, they're strict on the parietals, but I know they are loose on lots of other areas, like drinking.</p>

<p>Unlike at some Catholic colleges, parietals ARE enforced. You can't blatantly break them. But that being said, you can get away with breaking them if you are discreet (aka, be quiet and don't leave the room to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night). And most people do hate them, but they do have some benefits. Things do quiet down after parietals if you want to study/get some sleep and the atmosphere of the single sex dorms is nice.</p>

<p>And while Notre Dame has some rules that are stricter than other colleges, their alcohol policies are actually more lenient than at some of the state schools my friends go to. While alcohol exceeding 14% alcohol by volume is banned in the dorms, Notre Dame is definitely not a dry campus and partying in the dorms is very common in the first two years. Of course, underage drinking is against the rules, but this is not really enforced unless you do something really stupid. Usually, if there is a dorm party going on in the guys dorms, the RAs will mostly make sure that you keep open containers out of the hallways and that no one is dangerously drunk. The girls dorms are more strict, but you can get away with a fair amount there as well as long as you're smart about it.</p>

<p>How exactly are parietals enforced. I mean if you have a girl/guy over and the door is closed then how do they know?</p>

<p>I can see how they make you turn down the music or break up big parties, but what about just a small gathering of friends?</p>

<p>Parietals are enforced in male dorms by patrolling through the hallways at the time they begin. The RAs will walk through the entire dorm jingling keys and calling out "parietals, parietals!" at 12am Sunday through Thursday and 2am Friday and Saturday nights. </p>

<p>If you have someone over and you remain quiet throughout the night then you won't get caught, its not like RAs are executing search warrants. But if your opposite-sex guest wants to go to the bathroom or exit your room, or if someone hears them then you might get caught. </p>

<p>Small gatherings will be fine unless you act stupid or blast the music. You can have big parties too as long as it stays behind closed doors and doesn't get too crazy.</p>

<p>So I'm guessing with parietals it is virtually impossible to have a boyfriend from another college spend the weekend in your dorm? What would one do in such a situation?</p>

Yes, definitely. He would have to stay at a hotel or in a guys dorm if you know any guys that would be willing to let him spend the night in their dorm room. You cannot have a man openly stay in your room. </p>

<p>The whole point of parietals is to prevent your boyfriend from spending the night, its purpose is to prevent people from having sex. In fact the university technically bans pre-marital sex for all students. If you get caught having sex (even in the day time) you will get in trouble.</p>

<p>While it's possible to get away with the occasional night in a dorm of the opposite sex, I'm not sure I'd recommend having a boyfriend stay in your dorm for a weekend (especially since he would still need to shower in a guy's dorm). However, I have seen girls do this and get away with it, so it mostly depends on how much of a risk you want to take. It's usually best to ask a guy friend if your bf can stay in his room.</p>

<p>And yes, while the university claims parietals exist to preserve the sense of community in the dorms, they really just don't want students having sex- because everyone knows you can't have sex before midnight! (or 2 AM on weekends, of course) I have always wondered how people get busted for having sex though, because if I were an RA or rector, even if people were being really obvious about it, I wouldn't really want to go in there to catch them in the act...</p>

<p>Can you have your gf or bf stay at the Morris Inn on campus and then you go there to "visit"?? If you get caught there, do you get in the same trouble as if you had them stay in your dorm room?</p>

<p>Thanks for any and all info you have on this.</p>

<p>The Morris Inn is a private hotel with real guests. There are no parietals there and who is going to catch you, the hotel employees? No, its fine. Outside of the dorms parietals aren't really a problem because there are no University employees there to report you. The only exception is if two ND students were caught having sex at an off campus party and then the University finds out, then you would get in trouble.</p>

<p>I have never heard of anyone getting in trouble for having sex off campus... There wouldn't be any university officials there to catch people and even if a party gets busted by the cops, I doubt they are going to report if students were having sex, since it's not against the law, and so not really their concern.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback -- so the concensus is that Morris Inn is safe, right?</p>

<p>Sounds like someone is getting laid pretty soon.</p>

<p>^haha 10char</p>

<p>one thing: the morris inn is kind of expensive</p>