<p>Has anyone been on a study abroad program to Paris? I would appreciate any feedback on CUPA or Columbia's Reid Hall programs.</p>

<p>My kids have been to Paris through the NYU programs, but I don't know if that helps any, since you're asking for feedback on two other programs.</p>

<p>My close friend studied in Paris and she was completely fluent after two years (granted she fully immersed herself in the culture) I'm not sure if you want any random information bits or more specific information...?</p>

<p>Our family has close friend there now as a junior. If you have any questions, I will be happy to ask her as we chat on AIM.</p>

<p>Snowball: Could you ask her if she knows anything about the CUPA program? I'm wondering if the location is near Reid Hall and if the program offers good support to students.</p>

<p>NYUMom: Did your kids do homestays?</p>

No, they didn't do homestays. The first time they were in a hostel/dorm-like setting, and the second time an apartment with other students. NYU does have several options in terms of housing, so it depends on each student's preference - some chose homestays, others apartments - both single and with other NYU study abroad students. D preferred the apartment option, because she didn't want to have to be concerned with living in another person/families home - she likes not only having the freedom to be able to eat/cook her own meals but also in general - being able to come and go as she pleases.</p>