Parking at Orientation

<p>I'm taking my own car tomorrow to orientation, and was wondering where I park.I'm getting of the CA-60 and I know the campus is just right there.Is there a fee for the overnight parking?</p>

<p>Op- You're in college now. Check UCR's website everything's always listed
Bear Facts Orientation check-in will take place in the Pentland Hills Residence Halls. Orientation participants should park in Parking Lot 21.
Once you arrive on the campus there will be signs directing you to the appropriate parking locations and Orientation Registration. If you have any questions, there are Kiosks located at the two entrances of the campus to assist you.</p>

<p>It's free...</p>

<p>Yeah Batllo I saw that but I just wanted to make sure.</p>

<p>Parking is at pentland hill's housing parking lot (lot 21) and its free. the TAPs ppl will give you a permit to put in your car. and dont expect to leave campus later that night, they lock down and do not allow orientation students to leave the pentland hills area. Bring lots of water because its HOT here and there is a lot of walking.</p>

<p>lol, my parents wont let me take my car because of that exact reason lol. Now i can tell em about the lockdown! lol</p>

<p>hahaha fosho. if you can manage to sneak out hit up sterling! we'll be grilling and chillin at the pool! nothing else to do over the summer.
oh wow, being a bad influence to the first year students already hah!</p>