Parking for OU/TCU football game

My son is a junior at OU but this weekend will be the first time we’ve ever come up for a football game (he’s not on the football team, just going to the game as a student). Anyone have any tips or advice about parking? I think it will be nuts on gameday. We are staying a couple mile southwest of campus. I thought about just walking but it’s two miles and it looks like it could be in the 40’s after the sun sets. Any advice?

Check this for all info you’ll need for what you can bring into the stadium, tailgating, etc. Walking 2 miles will be much faster than driving 2 miles after the game. Trust me.

Ok. My DH has low tolerance for that kind of a traffic backup too, so maybe we should just try to walk. What about the parking lot at Lloyd Noble? Do people park there for games?

I’ve also heard that Uber might be the way to go. We may give that a try. If it doesn’t work, then walk we will!

Uber is a great option. The biggest problem with it would be trying to get home after the game. Surge prices are incredibly high after the game.

My recommended option would be parking at the Lloyd Noble basketball stadium. There’s plenty of parking there and there are shuttles that will pick you up and take you much closer to the stadium.