Parking for Parents weekend - available?

<p>I made reservations in early spring for parents weekend at the only downtown hotel with availability (The Study @ $409+tax/night, ouch!). I can't bear to pay that much in New Haven so I amd considering a room 5 miles away in West Haven at the Hampton Inn for a fraction of that amount. Do they open the parking facility at Pierson-Sage or are there ample local parking garages downtown to accommodate the huge influx of cars that weekend? I'm hoping to avoid driving around from full garage to full garage.</p>

<p>Yeah, I'm pretty sure the only reliable parking is Yale parking in Pierson-Sage or some of the closer ones. They give a pass for the Pierson-Sage garage and then you take a shuttle back to main campus. That's probably what should work best.</p>

<p>There are public parking garages downtown, too--probably closer than Pierson-Sage.</p>

<p>That being said, The Study is pretty nice, and they will valet park your car. It's also very convenient.</p>

<p>The Study is GORGEOUS. And very convenient indeed. I think I'd pay that much just for how pretty it was. But of course, money is tight nowadays.</p>

<p>I will be staying at The Study for move-in weekend but the $200+ rates then are half of what they want Parents weekend. I guess if I am wowed by the place I'll stay there in October but I've never paid $409/night + tax for top NYC or Paris hotels and I wasn't planning on using New Haven to break that price barrier. Location, location, location and there is not much downtown space for Parents weekend and graduation. I don't know if cabs are easier to come by in New Haven these days but I could take a cab RT from a West Haven hotel for $30/day, be door to door in 10 minutes, and still pocket over $300/night in savings. Having only stayed at the Omni in the past, I'm looking forward to trying The Study. Thanks for the follow-up posts.</p>

<p>$409 for The Study doesn't seem TOO bad, when you consider that we are paying $349 (paid in advance and non-refundable, no less) for the Courtyard Hotel for Parents Weekend! They really do jack up the rates for that weekend. I hate feeling gouged!</p>