Parking Permit Question


<p>I was awarded a parking permit for a Century Apartment Parking Lot on July 28th, and it said that it would be sent out to my mailing address August 5th, and that it would be charged to my student billing account.</p>

<p>After further inspection to "My Parking Account," it said that a permit was "issued" to me July 14th, and that same permit was "returned" July 15th. The only notification I received about being awarded a parking permit was in the July 28th email, so I have no idea what the July 14th issued permit is about.</p>

<p>As of now, a parking permit has not been charged to my student billing account.</p>

<p>I've emailed the Transportation office and plan on call on Monday, but I was wondering if anybody has any other ideas until then.</p>