where can park by UCSD

It’s recommended that you park off-site and bus in.
Parking is extremely limited and the side streets don’t allow for too much neighborhood parking. The Gilman Parking Structure is in the “center” of campus, but is expensive and hard to find a space at prime times.

The school has been under constant construction so the few spots that were available are limited. They were supposed to put in some parking areas, but I haven’t kept up with the construction. If the glider port is available, you might find parking there.
Miramar college has some parking and a bus that comes in, but Miramar parking is jammed as well.
It is recommended that you park elsewhere and bike in or bus in. Do not park in front of the VA. They will ticket and tow. If you try to park at La Jolla Village mall, they have parking enforcement and will ticket.