Parsons admissions results for Fall 2018

hi!! I applied early action to parsons (nov 1) and i know of some people already getting into their early schools (not parsons) but was wondering when Parsons is known for sending their letters. I know someone who was accepted around Dec 15 2015 for fall 16.


Hello!, I also applied for Parson ea. I called yesterday and they told me the responses will be out by this week and next week.



Has anyone had their decision yet? I emailed last week and they said they’d going out this week and next too.

Haven’t got a response yet :/, next week?! Aghh

When you get a response comment in here please

Also, what did you applied for?

I applied for BFA Fashion Design! You?? I’m so nervous ahh

I heard that last year the decisions were sent out on the 15th so maybe by the end of the week? :slight_smile:

do you get an email on whether you get accepted before the letter comes in?

The sites not working…hopefully it means something lol… except i feel like they wouldve emailed me a “ya decisions in boi!” beforehand…honestly im just overthinking everything now

i’m applying for communication design! and well nothing yet :frowning: i did the summer pre college intensive if that helps anything…ughhhhhh

Yeah you get an email before you get a letter! I’m from the UK so my letter will probably take longer to come haha :frowning:
Oh well we’re all in this together lol :-SS

So I saw this online but I am not sure if this method is trustworthy. I tried anyways. Go to and look up your netID (you can look it up either the N00 student number) and then reset your password by entering your info and birthday. Then go to login, if you got in, you will see ‘congratulations…’ if not, you will see ‘announcement’ this method have been used since 2013, and it still works during 2017 March, however, I am not sure if this bug had been fixed or not. If you tried, please let me know the result! ( after all, this might not be trustworthy)


@ihavecavedintocc Why HOLY HECK? :open_mouth:

Has anyone’s Admissions Hub changed over the past few days?

the trick that was posted works still - i mean it really ruined every essence of surprise but if you want to know now the “hack” works

@ihavecavedintocc Wait actually, so it’s not like a trick? Can you like screen shot lol. Did you get in?