Parsons in Paris - Cheers?

Last week in another thread you posted a link to the Parsons summer program in Paris. I passed it along to my daughter who is very interested in this program. Do you know of anyone personally who has attended this program or have any other insights about it? Sounds like a terrific program, especially for my francophile artist daughter. If anyone else has any info. or experience with the Parsons in Paris program, please share!</p>

<p>No. I don't know anyone who did Paris but I know a freshman who had an amazing experience in New Yrok City the summer before last (her junior year). And I know the Dean quite well.:)</p>

<p>As the parent of a boy who did three GAP year programs last year in Africa, London and Beijing--all of which I found on the internet and none of which had a name as established as Parsons--I would say that Parsons in Paris is a no-brainer. But that's me!</p>

<p>For a summer arts program I'd recommend Artis <a href=""&gt;;/a>.
My son did their Bali and Florence trips and found them both educational and fun. (Probably the emphasis was on fun, but hey, it's summer in a beautiful place.) I found them not too pricey and very well organized. The leaders are all educators. For example the woman who does the Bali trip is the world's foremost expert on Balinese masks; she's an American college teacher married to a Balinese dancer.</p>

<p>Cheers, thanks --- obviously Parsons has a terrific reputation so I'm not worried about the quality. For her, this really is a no-brainer. She adores French, has been to Paris several times before so feels comfortable there, and would like nothing more than to spend 4 weeks drawing and painting. She has to have some surgery next summer so if we can work around that, sounds like a good plan.</p>

<p>Momrath, THANK YOU for that link - they don't have a program in France next summer but some of the other programs may interest my daughter at some point. They sound wonderful.</p>

<p>Sigh. I want to go on a trip like this.</p>

<p>C. I know what you mean. My friends tell me they want to be reborn as my S.....:)</p>

<p>Cheers, I have to admit to having momentary pangs of jealousy in reading about your son's adventures the past year. Oh, to be young and unafraid of the world again.</p>

<p>Parsons is my dream school!</p>