Parsons portfolio

hey guys!
so I want to get into parsons next year for their interior design graduate program but everyone keeps telling me it’s really hard to get into. Can someone please tell me what exactly they are looking for in my portfolio. I have an average GPA of 3, and I am yet to give my GRE and I have been interning at architecture firms continuously for work experience. I also run a food blog. I am so confused. What all should I add in my portfolio ??
Can someone please help me!

From what I see, Parsons accept both general portfolio (where you mix fine arts and the major you are taking) and major based portfolio (fully interior design). They don’t necessarily have 1 exact type of portfolio that they’re looking for but you should present yourself as an artist or designer in the best way possible. One thing that stands out from Parsons to me is that they are interested in your thinking skills (hence they make you write an essay for the Parsons Challenge). They want to know how you come up with your ideas and how thoughful you are about it, how you are not just making things “for the sake of it” or “for the sake of how it looks.”

Explore yourself as an artist and as a designer. Make artwork which you will not only be proud of but also make you stand out, you don’t want to be like another applicant they see.

Also try to visit with them at a National Portfolio Day event (there’s also smaller regional ones depending on where you live) - they happen in the Fall and since you’ll be a senior then they should give you constructive feedback on what work to include/or not and any additional pieces/types of work you should add.

Does anyone know when Parsons will send their decisions out for the graduate program?

Next week apparently