Parsons School of Design Admission 2020 Fall

Welcome! I have been waiting for the decision for a month. I submitted my application at the end of October(EA). The waiting is not fun. I’ve heard about the trick but still waiting for the official decision letter. It’s about two weeks until the official decision comes out. I create this thread so that we could talk about concerns or just thoughts we have for now. Hope the best for all of us?!

Yes! I have been waiting for decisions to come out as well. I know last year they came out around December 14-15ish.

Hi!! I know for last year, if you checked the portal, decisions were released as early as December 4th!

I think my D just got in. The portal says Admitted Student, but no email yet.

Where on your portal would it say admitted student?

It’s the my new school site, not the admissions hub. Says Admitted Students across the top with a congratulations message. Prior to today, it said ‘Me’ instead of ‘Admitted Students’.

I clicked into my pay my tuition deposit, and it says deposit for spring, but I am pretty sure that I applied for fall start. Am I the only one who got this message? super confused right now

@SYK123456 I also heard this trick is not a guarantee, it’s more like a placeholder. But it indeed means something good! What major did your D apply?

@Xjabjsd BFA Fashion Design. Why is this called a trick? The school let’s you get the ID and log on.

@SYK123456 I applied for BFA fashion design as well!

Did anyone else apply for Strategic Design and Management? My portal says admitted students too!

@anetanemone Here! My portal says the admitted students as well!

how exciting! i wonder when the official letters of acceptance will be sent out! i can’t wait!

Hi I applied for Strategic Design and Management and my portal says “Admitted Student” too. Has this portal thing ever been false if it says “Admitted Student”.
When I go to pay deposit I also get deposit for spring only.

Does anyone know if it would say Congratulations anyway if you went to Parsons in the summer or does Congratulations means you likely got in for fall 2020. Thx

Last year, everyone I know who has gotten the admitted student in the portal got in. The summer program doesn’t have anything to do with the Congratulations. It only applies to those who actually applied for fall 2020 admissions

thx, great, hope to see you in the fall. It is my first choice

My new just updated and it say congratulations!

D called the school and confirmed she has been admitted.

Hi that is good to know that they will actually confirm it on the phone. Pretty unusual for them to do it. Did they sound annoyed that people were finding out through the portal?