Parsons School of Design Admission 2021 Fall

Hi! I have been waiting for the decision for over a month! I submitted my application the 23rd of October. I created this thread so we can talk about concerns and to see if anyone has received either their letter or an update on their mynewschool page! Hope the best for all of us!!!

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My son is waiting as well - wondering if we might hear back before the holidays…

Does anyone know when EA is released for the new school?

isn’t it released on the 15th of december?
Ive applied EA to Parsons BFA Fashion Design

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Do you know what time ?

no idea.
Can someone tell me about the trick that last years forums were talking about?
something about a mynewschool page saying admitted student???

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My son applied for Fashion as well at Parsons…I’m sure he’s lurking around here somewhere. Sending positive vibes & good intent your way for successful acceptances into your college of choice!

Thank you! I also applied for fashion design. I believe decisions will be released next week. I also read about the trick on last year’s threads but idk if it still works. If anyone gets any update on their application please let me know. Good luck!!!


wait so you can find out your application status on the new school online application portal right? or is there another site like the mynewschool???

I read in the old threads that it shows “admitted student” there before they receive a decision letter so I tried logging in but i couldn’t do it as there is no option for applicants there.

@fireflyyy SAME. I was confused because I never received a ‘NetID’ in any emails from the New School. I’m super anxious about the decisions!

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The mynewschool page is only for students who already have an account because they took a summer program. I do have the page but it doesnt say addmitted student.

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Oh! Thanks for letting us know!

ohhh that explains a LOT

So we’re all checking our decisions on the same online app that we uploaded our portfolio on right???

Yep! Still no updates though :confused:

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Did anyone get an update? I think decisions are released today.

ive been reloading but nothing yet

I haven’t gotten any updates either ( neither emails nor the admission hub ).

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same. Does anyone know exactly when we’ll get our decisions though