Parsons School of Design Admission 2021 Fall

Anyone who was accepted last week receive their financial aid information yet?

Did you apply on 15th January 2021 and heard back?

anyone get anything yesterday ?

Yeah I applied on the deadline and got accepted


I still haven’t heard anything!!! I’m dyin, anyone else aplied for photography

dude same i haven’t slept for so long I’m dyinggg ahhh…

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I got in to Paris campus! Got the email yesterday (23/03)MFA Fashion Design and Arts. All the best to those still waiting <3

Saw someone sharing instagram handles, mine is @tendikusano (might also come up as Georgia on my mind).

sameeeeeeee hoping all the best inshallah

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Did anyone apply undergrad Strategic Design and Management (BBA)?

I just got accepted!! here is my insta @lyannhart

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Love you my G. you will get in and good luck to everyone!!!

love you so so PROUD of you!

CONGRATS!!! :tada:

is anyone still waiting ?

Grad school applicant here. Submitted after the priority deadline and I am still waiting to hear back

did anyone get waitlisted?

Transfer student here just got my acceptance today! Starting fall 2021 instagram is @powerpuffnegro if anyone wants to get in touch

NYC or Paris?